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Watershot® Pro Underwater Housing for iPhone 5/5S, Depth Rating 59m with 2 Lenses
- one flat port and one wide angle lens

Product Features



Watershot® Pro Underwater Housing for iPhone 5/5S, Depth Rating 59m with 2 Lenses


Product Highlights

  • Depth Rating of 195'
  • Glass Lens Port
  • Rubberized Baffle
  • Includes Two Lenses
  • Built-in Universal Tripod Mount
  • iPhone is Suspended for Protection
  • Removable Colored Grip
  • Works with Free App

The Watershot PRO Underwater Housing for iPhone 5 is a waterproof case that allows you to capture photos and video beneath the water's surface with your iPhone 5. It has a depth rating of 195' (59 m).

The housing provides access to most camera functions via mechanical controls and the free Watershot App, available at the App Store and on iTunes. This app maximizes basic and advanced camera capabilities, including GPS overlays and social media sharing functions.

To restore colors that get absorbed underwater and enhance contrast, you can use optional external color correction filters. The Magenta Filter for green water and the Red Filter for blue water come with an M32 thread to easily mount onto the lens bezel of the housing. Filters can be installed and removed underwater.

Two large lenses are included; one flat port and one wide angle that increases the field of view to 100°. These attach to the glass lens port via the lens bezelA colored grip is also included with the Watershot PRO. The housing is also equipped with a built-in universal tripod mount. The optional Pro Mount adapter enables the mounting of many GoPro accessories (not included). An adjustable lanyard is included.

Depth Rating
Safe to use at depths up to 195' (59 m)
Optical Image Clarity
Glass lens port and black rubberized baffle provide optical image clarity
Two Lenses
A large, removable flat port and wide-angle lens are included. The wide-angle lens increases the field of view to 110 degrees
Removable Grip
A removable colored grip is included so you can change the colors or replace it with upcoming Bluetooth enabled grips. These allow special features for surfers and divers
Tripod Mount
Tripod mount with available Pro Mount adapter for using with GoPro mounting options
Full Suspension System
Phone is fully suspended within the housing to protect the phone and screen against wear, tear, shock and pressure
Works with Free App
App functions for use in the housing:


  • Wake up from power save mode
  • Shutter start/stop recording
  • Switch between still and video modes
  • Review images Post to Facebook and Twitter

Additional app settings:

  • Rapid fire
  • Use of front and back camera
  • GPS overlays
  • Compass
  • Social media messages
  • Portrait and landscape modes
  • YouTube upload


Optional : Watershot® Floaty Handstrap

Watershot® brings you this Waterproof wrist strap for securing your camera during any type of water sports. Its a bright yellow colour, so its makes it easy to find in the water whether you are in a pool, river, lake or ocean, and avoids being lost. It also has a buoyant loop material, which helps it to float. (buoyancy: 100 g)  The material is a strong resistant nylon material.

If you become separated from your  Watershot® Buoyant Lanyard, it will be safely floating on the water’s surface. Easy to install onto your housing, this accessory will provide you additional peace of mind.

Save your new digital camera from going to the bottom! You just spend hundreds of your hard earned $$ on your cool new camera, now spend another for cheap insurance! Soft, foam-filled neoprene wrist lanyard easily attaches to most lightweight, point & shoot, waterproof cameras and accessories. Not intended for use with large professional underwater cameras, or regular/non waterproof cameras. Bright yellow color makes it easy to spot. (sorry, camera not included)

VERY IMPORTANT: Test your own camera in shallow water before use! Our Floater MAY NOT float your specific camera and battery. New Models come out all the time, and we simply can not test every model & battery combination. We've tested many popular models (Olympus, Pentax, Sanyo) and our floater has performed perfectly. But it is your responsibility to always test and re-test again in the specific spot you'll be using your camera. We are not responsible for loss of cameras and equipment using our waterproof camera floater. Our product is designed to use with small, lightweight, point and shoot waterproof cameras, not large professionial underwater cameras. Our product is not intended for use with regular / non-waterproof cameras.

Remember: Please test float your camera and floater before each use, and keep the wrist lanyard around your wrist at all times.




1. Our buoyant lanyards are testing to 30lbs of pulling force. If used in extreme conditions (heavy surf, etc.) the lanyard may be subjected to forces exceeding 30lbs, so we recommend that you add additional security leash to ensure that the buoyant lanyard remains connected to the housing.

2. The buoyant lanyard is designed to float the a Watershot® housing with the associated camera or phone installed. If you are adding additional accessories onto the housing (mounts, lenses, etc.) be sure to check the buoyancy of your full rig to ensure that lanyard is capable of floating your entire set-up.

Product Specification


Watershot® Pro Underwater Housing for iPhone 5/5S, Depth Rating 59m with 2 Lenses




Compatibility iPhone 5
Material Glass lens port and rubberized baffle
Depth Rating 195' (59 m)
Mounting Built-in tripod mount
Dimensions Not specified by manufacturer
Weight Not specified by manufacturer


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