History of Tamron Lenses

If you have a passion for taking pictures, the first piece of equipment you would need to purchase is a DSLR camera. Sure, they’re a little expensive, but are well worth the cost. DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex. There are many brands that offer the best DSLR cameras, such as Nikon and Canon.

The next step would be selecting the perfect lens for your DSLR camera. In the photographic lens industry, Tamron lenses have been selling off the charts, and here’s why. Tamron DSLR lenses are high resolution photographic lenses manufactured by a Japanese Company known as Tamron Co. Ltd. The headquarters is located in Saitama City, Japan.

History of Tamron

Tamron was first founded as Taisei Optical Manufacturing Company in November 1950, was registered as a trademark in 1958, and then changed its name to Tamron Co. Ltd in April 1970. Tamron then started manufacturing different kinds of lenses for conventional and digital DSLR cameras, and became a pioneer in making high definition lenses in 1992, which was evident with the release of the 28-200mm. Tamron was also the maker of the Adaptall series, which come with interchangeable mounts for a number of camera brands. Tamron was successfully able to improve the functionality of the Adaptall lenses, by working on an older series of Adaptamatic lenses. Tamron also developed the T-mount or t2 adapter system. FotoZZoom is an online Malaysian store that deals with cameras, photographic lenses, and photo printing products.

Why Tamron?

Of the 28-200mm lenses, the 18-270mm lense is the latest lens developed by Tamron. It happens to be the first 15 x zoom lens made for DSLR cameras in the world. Tamron also manufactures interchangeable lenses for 35mm, DSLRs, and non-reflex type cameras. Other lenses made by Tamron include fixed focal wide-angle, macro, and telephoto lenses. They have a variety of zoom lenses for various length ranges. Visit the online Malaysian photography store, FotoZZoom, for all your photographic lens needs.