Types of Sony NEX Cameras

The Sony NEX camera range has proved to be quite successful with its advanced technology and functionalities for both amateur and professional photographs. The cameras in this series lie somewhere between a beginner’s point and shoot camera and an SLR used by someone more proficient in the art and science of photography. In this article we’ll talk about some of the most popular models of cameras available in the Sony NEX range.

The current favorite

The Sony NEX-7 is the newest and most powerful camera in the range. With 24.3 megapixels and an SEL 1855 lens, the NEX-7 is a beast of a camera. It claims to give a professional quality in a small and compact body and is suitable for anyone looking for high quality photographs without bothering to carry around an SLR.

The king of the pack

The Sony NEX-5 was the most popular camera in the NEX range and is still considered to be one of the best that Sony ever manufactured. The NEX-5 itself became a mini series and even though the first NEX was launched way back in 2010, the name is still alive with two models, the NEX-5RL and the NEX-5TL. Both these cameras have a 16.1 megapixel sensor with an SELP 1650 lens. They also feature a 180 degrees flip LCD screen and built in wi-fi for sharing your photographs and videos wirelessly.

The original star

The fact that Sony developed the e-mount specifically for this model should tell you how important it was deemed to be. While the original NEX-3 is no longer in production, the name lives on with the latest iteration, the NEX-3NL. With a SELP 1650 lens and a 16.1 megapixel sensor, the NEX-3NL is pretty close to the NEX-5 in terms of specification. However, the feel of the NEX-3 in the hands is quite different and is closer to the older Sony cameras.

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