Photo Captured with Sony NEX Cameras

Ever since Sony launched its range of NEX cameras, photography enthusiasts all over the world have been rejoicing. They finally have in their hands a range of cameras that are as light weight and easy to use as a compact point and shoot but can still be programmed to get some of the most admired features of an SLR. The quality of photographs you get from the different NEX cameras bear testimony to this fact and that is what we are going to discuss today. Once you have gone through these descriptions, compared the results, and made up your mind about which camera to buy, we suggest you head to FotoZZoom, the premium center for cameras and camera accessories in Malaysia for all your photography needs.

Sony NEX-5N

This is the latest in the original 5 range of the Sony NEX. It is a 16.1 megapixel camera that shows clear and crisp images in natural light. The blacks are a bit light and the colours do look a bit a little washed out but is quite good for anyone starting off with using the settings of an SLR. The pictures under artificial light are not that impressive and even though you might get by with it, this is not the camera for you if you are going to shoot primarily after dark.


Sony NEX-6

The NEX-6 is just a step above the NEX-5N but it shows. This camera is specially designed for recording videos and capturing high speed images. It worked perfectly in both these scenarios with a minimum of blurring. The lighter lenses make it easy to balance and this contributes to the stability in the images, whether still, or moving.


Sony NEX-7

Of course, the flagship gets all the good stuff. Its increased pixel count (24.3 megapixels to 16.1 megapixels for the 5 & 6) means it shoots much clearer pictures and the details are that much more visible. The colours are deep and photography in low light is also quite good. Definitely the camera to have for someone looking for an all round winner.


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