History of Sony NEX Cameras

A fact that many people are not familiar with is what the abbreviation ‘NEX’ means. Although it is a commonly used term, very few people are aware that it stands for ‘New E-mount eXperience. The term was coined with the launch of the E-mount, the new lens mount specifically designed for a new range of mirror less cameras and camcorders. This new mount was, in no way, a revolutionary technological change, but it has made life just a bit easier for photographers, both amateur and professional.

The first NEX cameras

The first camera to use this mount was the Sony Alpha NEX-3 followed soon by the NEX-5. Both of these were launched in June 2010 with 14.2 megapixels and the Sony Alpha system. The first camcorder to use this feature was the Sony NEX VG-10 which was launched alongside the NEX-3 and NEX-5. The complete NEX camera range in available with FotoZZoom, the premier online store in Malaysia for cameras.

What is new?

Ever since the launch of the first Sony NEX camera, the company has taken many strides forward with newer technologies. This means that the latest cameras and camcorders are much more capable in all departments as compared to their previous variants. The latest camera to use the e-mount and the NEX brand name is the Sony NEX-7. It is a 24.3 megapixel camera with an SEL 1855 lens. It claims to have the fastest release time lag in the world of .02 seconds and can shoot at up to 10fps.

Where to buy them?

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