Comparison of Sony NEX Camera

The Sony NEX camera range has been very popular throughout the world and has been a crowd favorite since the day it was launched in 2010. Many cameras from this range have become iconic and are favored by both professionals looking for some lighter shooting and amateurs looking to graduate to a full fledged SLR. Although technical specifications do not tell the whole story for any camera, they do make the job of comparing them a bit easier. So if you are ready to get your Sony NEX from FotoZZoom, you should definitely go through this comparison of the most significant cameras from the range.

Sony NEX-5N

This is the grand-daddy of the NEX series, the old workhorse that is still going strong. It is a 16.1 megapixel camera with a fine JPEG compression. The photographs taken by the NEX-5N are clear and with the expanded Photo Effects filter, you no longer need to sacrifice your creativity. The resolution increase from the previous version of the NEX-5 series lends itself well to photographing in daylight and at a distance. It is the perfect camera for someone looking to move up from a compact point and shoot.

Sony NEX-6

The NEX-6 has the same basic specifications as the NEX-5N but has added features that the 5 lacks. It has an advanced hybrid AF system that uses both contrast detect and phase technology. This results in better focus while movie recording and high speed continuous shooting that the NEX-5 and makes it a more suitable companion for the photographer on the go. It also has wi-fi connectivity that lets you transfer your photos and videos to your laptop or any other connected device immediately and without the need of any wires. This is a great feature to have for anyone, whether an enthusiast or a professional.

Sony NEX-7

This is the flagship model of the NEX series and with 24.3 megapixels, sits atop the pile. Of course, the increased pixel count makes it more suitable for getting wider shots and zoomed shots are a bit more clear. It is also calibrated for low light photography making it much more proficient in that department.

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