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Digital Camera Evolution - 2003 -2005

In the digital era that is today, digital cameras are used for more than just taking photos, they are used as a place to store, record images as photos and record moving objects as videos. Between the years of 2003 to 2005, a digital revolution came in the picture for the cameras industry. An overwhelming change in the approach to this photo capturing device, the camera. Called "camera obscura" in earliest days of photography, the modern digital cameras has become an evermore important gadget to have that people embrace today. Unlike the olden days where cameras are solely used for the purposes of taking photos, digital cameras replaces the older cameras with more creative functions, more powerful specs electronically and allow people to record their favourite moments easily and conveniently.

All Digital Camera Types Available At Best Prices

A digital camera can do all sorts of things but not with a forte for every type of activity, depending on the user, there are lots of different types of digital cameras available in the market today. The best of it all, at FotoZZoom, you can enjoy the best digital camera prices for all the types of cameras you wish to have. From DSLR cameras to camcorders; and from digital compact cameras to action sports cameras, available all under one roof at FotoZZoom. During the earlier days of the digital camera revolution, there were two different types of cameras namely DSLR cameras & digital compact cameras or some call it point and shoot cameras. The DSLR cameras were layed on the higher end of the market comprising mostly professional photographers that demand for super high performance and perfection in every shot. On the other hand, the digital compact cameras are catered for the laymen whom requires medium to high quality photos, light weight and compact in size. It was not till early 2008 that the digital mirrorless cameras or some call it the system compact cameras were introduced to the world, the merging of DSLR grade image quality and functions and the mobility and lightweight features of the digital compact camera. Among the few most popular brands when it comes to digital cameras is Nikon, Canon, Samsung, Casio and Sony.

Video Lovers Go For Camcorders or Video Cameras!

Camcorders or some calls it video cameras are camera with a hybrid feature of an image recorder (camera) and a video camera or video recorder. With the combination of these features, video cameras extends its usage further from home video to entertainment and from media to video-capturing purposes. In recent years, it has been a hype amongst the manufacturers to create high definition (HD) camcorders such as digital resolution, analog, 3D and 4K Ultra HD resolution specs. Each of these resolutions typically serve for different functions and purposes depending on the who the user really is. Leading brands like Canon, Pentax, GoPro and Sony are amongst the earliest and most innovative players within the industry.

DSLR Cameras - Pros & Amateur Alike

Digital SLR cameras and DSLR cameras are no longer serving merely the highend group of customers and professionals. In recent years, leading brands like Nikon and Canon have been working day and night innovatively creating newer and more powerful DSLR cameras at extremely affordable prices. As low as RM999, you can own your very own cheap DSLR unlike the olden days where DSLR are just not for everyone's spending. DSLR cameras make great companions for the photography enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals alike. The large spectrum of functions made available to users is perhaps the biggest selling point of DSLR cameras, providing automatic and manual functions to explore the different effects and perspective of taking photos. Other than Canon and Nikon, amongst other prominent DSLR camera manufactures are Pentax, Samsung and Sony.

Digital Camera Accessories: Memory Cards, Compatible Batteries, External Speedlight Flashes...etc

The most popular thing when it comes to camera accessories is capacity, more memory space and larger space and Malaysians love bigger spaces. Who doesn't? Amongst other accessories includes compatible replacement batteries that serve a much more affordable alternative to the original camera batteries. Compatible camera batteries are generally sold at RM49 to RM79 in contrast with RM200 to RM 300 for the original camera rechargeable batteries. External camera flash comes with a wider range from just a regular horse shoe mount to a full scale studio product photography flash. Amongst the most popular brands that provide add on accessories for digital cameras are Sandisk, Hoya, Kenko, Miyabi and Aipo.