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Samsung NX1000 Digital Camera Mirrorless WIFI (20-50mm) (White) Free 8gb

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In The Box

Samsung NX1000 Mirrorless Wi-Fi Digital Camera with 20-50mm Kit Lens (Pink)

20-50mm f/3.5-5.6 ED NX iFunction Standard Zoom Lens
SEF-8A Bundled Flash
Intelli-Studio 3.0
Samsung RAW Converter 4
Body Cap
USB Cable
ED-BP1030 Battery Pack for NX200 / NX210 / NX1000 Camera (7.4V, 1030mAh)
Battery Cradle/AC Power Cable
Samsung case

Product Features

The Samsung NX1000 is a small camera, weighing in at only 460g even with battery, strap and flash attached, which makes it an ideal companion to take away on trips where space is at a premium. Interchangeable lenses, such as a 50-200mm zoom, 16mm pancake and a macro provide the means to expand photographic capabilities without the need to buy a new camera body. The photographic results place the camera on a par with the Sony NEX5N albeit with a few compromises in terms of usability. Starting Off The battery is quick to charge and easy to insert alongside an SD card in the base of the camera. No memory card is supplied in the box with the camera so that's an essential extra to consider, particularly if buying as a gift. I use a 16GB class 10 card as that provides a decent rate of data transfer and ensures that the camera is always ready for the next shot. The battery holds charge well and lasts sufficiently for fairly prolific use over the course of a day (and over a decent period of time when not in use), being designed to last for about 320 photographs or more than two hours of video. I always find it useful to have a second battery charged for backup though, 'just in case'. The build quality of the camera feels less robust than that of the NEX5N; it looks as though it is mostly constructed from (an albeit tough) plastic rather than the reassuring metal body and lenses of the latter. The camera doesn't have an integrated flash but a small unit is supplied in a case, designed to be attached to the strap, which can be accessed whenever needed. It slots into the hot shoe on top of the camera once a protective plastic cover is slid off. Early Days An embarrassingly helpful yellow 'NO CARD' flashing display is prominently placed at the top of the rear display, ensuring there can be little chance it won't catch your eye before you try to take a shot without a card in place - something that has happened to me on more than one occasion whilst using the NEX5N (whose display I find less obvious). Clearly, to get the most out of the camera, you need to get to know the equipment you are using, all of the features that have been built in and thereby get the best photographic results. However, the 'SMART' automatic setting enables a novice user to produce pretty decent shots, even in less than ideal conditions, without needing to become an expert by first reading the (fairly short but comprehensive) user manual. 'Playing' with the camera is by far the best way to learn how to use it and the user manual takes up very little space so can be taken along for referral if the need arises in the early days. LCD Panel This is a small camera and one of the compromises to achieve that is the lack of an integrated viewfinder. The Samsung's LCD panel is a good size covering about two thirds of the rear of the camera, in bright light however it can be difficult to properly compose your shots, although that is a rare problem in the UK climate. An electronic viewfinder is available as an optional extra if you find this is a problem. A disadvantage of the Samsung compared with the NEX5N is the fact the LCD screen doesn't pivot, which means you have to go down to low level shots with the camera rather than being able to adopt a more comfortable position from above. Furthermore, the NEX5N offers access to the menu (from where you adjust most picture settings) via a touch screen - once you have used such a facility it is difficult to go back to the manual methods of navigation required for the Samsung. Quality of photographs These are fairly impressive, particularly in lower light conditions without use of a flash - unless the subject is in front of the light source (bright sky/natural light from a window) when a flash proved necessary. In those trickier situations the NEX5N produces a slightly better image without needing to attach the flash - which can be useful if you need to be fast to catch the action and are not already set up ready to go. Panoramic Pictures This can be a useful facility as you can effectively take a very wide panoramic picture, which the camera splices together automatically as you shoot; gone are the days when I had to take a series of individual pictures and manually glue them together afterwards in a fairly laborious process. It isn't something I would use every day but I have used the feature far more than I ever thought would be the case. Summary From my perspective, the NEX5N has a slight edge over the NX1000 in terms of build quality, the pivoting display and touch menu screen, and in respect of the quality of some shots in low light levels. In other words, the NEX5N has some more user-friendly features but leaving those to one side, there is not much to choose between the two in terms of the quality of photographic results.

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