Types of Samsung Lenses

Samsung is one of the leading electronics manufacturing company. It was founded by Lee Byung Chul in Korea back in 1938. It was a trading company when it came into existence and entered the electronics industry only during the 1960s. Samsung started manufacturing cameras for the aerospace industry in the mid 1990’s, but it soon entered the digital camera market. The company is not known just for its range of cameras, but also for its wide range of quality Samsung lenses that rival most top brands.

Lenses from Samsung

Samsung has a wide range of lenses that can be used for different purposes. The various Samsung lenses are categorized based on the focal length, angle of view and aperture length. Samsung launched its NX Mount series in 2010 and they are constantly coming up with new and improved versions in the series.

For example, the Samsung 10 mm UMC Fisheye is one of the most advanced lenses available in the market right now. The clarity offered by this lens is truly remarkable. 

The Samsung NX 85mm ƒ/1.4 lens is one of the best when it comes to taking portrait pictures. This lens is quite bulky and must be used only with strong cameras.

Samsung 30mm f2.0 Pancake Lens is a lens which is best suited for taking wedding pictures. It has everything in terms of picture quality, easy focusing and sharp pictures. The best part is that it can be easily handled by a layman.

Choosing a Samsung NX Lens for D-SLRs

There are many different types of lenses which fit perfectly on a mirror-less or a D-SLR camera. However, you will have to check for the compatibility of the lens with your camera. You can check the reviews to see which lenses are preferred by the people and select one that has the most benefits and suits you the best.

Buying from the right vendor

While you are out to buy Samsung lenses, be very careful as there are many fake vendors out there who sell duplicate lenses which don't last long and are of low quality. Make sure that you buy the product from the right vendor.

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