History of Samsung Lenses

Samsung is a leading electronics manufacturing brand founded in Korea in 1938. It initially started manufacturing cameras for the aerospace industry in the mid 1990’s. Even though Samsung lenses aren’t as well known as most of its competitors , they have a range of quality lenses that rival most of the other top brands.

Samsung NX Series

The NX  is a series of interchangeable lenses that was introduced by Samsung in 2010. There are 11 NX lenses currently available in the market and these lenses have been gaining worldwide recognition as high quality products. The NX series have a wide range of products varying from macro, telephoto to wide angled lenses allowing a photographer to choose the perfect lens for his or her specifications. These Samsung Lenses have an inbuilt I-Function which allows the photographer to choose from a variety of different settings through a ring and button on the lens.   

Popularity of Samsung Lenses

Even though Samsung Lenses aren’t among the most popular in the market today, they are steadily making a name for themselves among photography experts. The NX series is getting a wide range of positive reviews due to the fantastic low light capabilities and high quality image stabilization built-in to each lens. For more information regarding Samsung Lenses visit FotoZZoom in Malaysia today.

New releases

Samsung has come out with a series of new NX lenses that are storming the market today. Samsung’s 10mm F3.5 Fisheye Lens offers a 180 degree angle of view which is ideal for a unique image that captures all  the delicate features. Another new release is the 16-60 mm F2.0-2.8 S ED OIS lens which works on the most advanced engineering technology in lens manufacturing today.

With its splash and dust proof capabilities, this lens is highly durable and extremely useful for travel and landscape photography. Its mid level zoom range is perfect for capturing  pictures at varying distances as it can also be used for portraits. To purchase a Samsung lens, contact FotoZZoom or visit our online store to have a look at our wide range of products.