To help you enjoy your photos

Sleek and Sturdy Hardcover

Strong and durable boards are the ingredients to beautifully hand crafted hardcovers wrapping your photobooks. It has always been a favourite, giving your photobooks a hint of sophistication and luxury, quality and sentimentality.
If PREMIUM Books suit your taste, then be prepared to experience the luxury of the luxuries with buckram textured hard cover followed by a leather finishing. Nothing speaks luxury than having a leather finishing made out of professional craftsmanship. SIMPLE Books you say? Be prepared to enjoy memories all over your photobook with your hard cover hand wrapped with your favourite photos spread across every inch of your cover. Want it as a gift? No problem! For memory keepsake? It can fit into your luggage, handbag, briefcase, bookshelves and basically anywhere you want it to be!

Nothing but high quality

The production process involves only the materials with the highest quality. Your photobook goes through the latest printers in the printing industry and it goes through 10 stages of processing and up to 5 stages of quality checks before it reaches your hands. That way, regardless how many people flip through your photobooks, their quality will be as good as new.

UV Coating

To make sure your preserved memories are always as good as new, we apply a layer of WESSCO [by Schmid Rhyner]UV coating on to your photobook, that way your photobooks will be water resistant and scrach resistant. No need to worry about spilt coffee and water drops on your photobook, the UV coating allows you clean it up with just a regulat damp cloth and they are will be back to how they were.
* Applicable for the PREMIUM Books range only.

Layflat Paper

Your memories should be enjoyed to its fullest and your photobook should have all its photos the way it was when you designed it. By using the latest technology that combines plastic and paper, our photobooks are Layflat, that means no more photos or images lost in the center gutter.