How to print 4R Photos

Below are the steps in involved in add and edit your 4R photos using our software.

1.Select photo size and your package

First, download our 4R photo online printing software here. Next, install the downloaded software. Next choose the 'single print' category in the software, and select the package you prefer and click 'Next'.

2. Load your pictures

Simply click this button and you can choose pictures from a folder, Facebook or Flickr! After that, click 'Next' at the bottom of the page.

3. Rotate Portrait Photo

In order to fit a portrait photo into a landscape box, rotate the picture first.

4. Insert your pictures

Now, drag and drop pictures from side bar to the middle area.


Click the 'Autoflow' button and all the pictures will fit into the picture boxes.

5. Position and crop your image

1. Double click the image on your picture box, another window box will pop out.

2. Crop your image and reposition it at your demand.

6. Rotate Image, Auto-Enhance, Black & White, Sepia picture

1. Click on one image and select the tools at the right side.

Rotate your image easily by changing the degree.

Auto-Enhance -Too dark, too bright or a little musky? Auto-Enhance helps you enhance you photo with one click.

Black & White, Sepia - Add a unique touch to your work by considering these filters.

Add new page, duplicate page and delete page

Remember to insert a page style when adding new page.


7. Add Text

Messages, wishes, dates... Your whispers adds details and enriches your story. Our Software loads all font types you have in your computer.

8. Ordering

We offer two methods of ordering:

Online ordering: allows you to upload your files to us via the internet. You will be directed to Foto-ZZoom's online order page, sign in or create a new account.

Offline ordering: allows you to load your files into a hard disk. You can then submit it to one of our outlets

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9. Upload Your Order

Your order is not complete until your book has been uploaded. Online Uploading files online will take approximately 30-45mins depending on internet speed and file size. Offline Submit your stored files to one of our outlets once you have successfully stored it in a hard disk.

Note: We do not accept any changes to the file once it is uploaded. It is the customer's responsibility to thoroughly check the files before ordering.