Express Uploader Guide

Step 1: Click On "Express Uploader"

When you visit the photo prints page, you will notice on the top right corner, a button with the words "Express Uploader". Click on it to get started!

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Step 2: Choose Your Size

We offer lots of printing sizes, you may choose from the list of drop down options and select one. If you have a custom size that you have in mind, simply select the "Custom Size / Special Size" option and you can let us know what size you want printed.

Once you have chosen your photo print size, click on "Continue"

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Step 3: Upload Your Pictures

Now you will just need to upload your photos online. Simply click on the "Add Photos" button and you can start choosing the pictures you want printed.

You can choose to upload multiple photos all at once.

NOTE: When the upload has been completed, you will notice a "green tick" on the top right corner of the picture your have uploaded.

Once you have finished uploading the pictures you want printed, click on "Continue".

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Step 4: Fill Up Online Form

Complete the online order form with your name, email, shipping address and relevant contact details.

Here you can also choose your payment methods of either Bank Transfer or via Credit Card Payment.

Bank account details for the bank transfer payment method are available by clicking on the "View a list of our bank accounts" or in the email confirmation mail that we send upon completing the order.

Once you have completed this section, click on "Continue"

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Step 5: Optional Upgrades & Accessories

To provide you with a better experience, here are some optional grades that you choose for a better finishing such as paper upgrades or you can choose to add a frame for your prints.

Simply tick and choose the options you would like to add and click on "Continue"

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Step 6: Delivery Costs & Options

We offer a wide variety of delivery methods. Simply choose the delivery option that you prefer and click on "Continue".

NOTE: Delivery charges are shown on the right side of the delivery methods upon clicking. For further information, kindly refer this page.

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Step 7: Discount Voucher (If Applicable)

Do you have any discount voucher?

If you have a discount voucher that you have gotten from our partnership merchants, simply enter it in the "Discount Voucher" section and click on "Apply Voucher". Click "Remove" if you decide not to use the voucher.

If the discount voucher has been successfully applied, you will see the discount amount shown on the order summary on the right side.

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Step 8: Order Review

Awesome! You're at the final stage of placing an order!

Check that all the discount code has been applied (if any) and if the grand total is correct. If all is good to go, simply click on "Order Now" to complete your order.

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