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Book Types & Pricing : Standard Premium

We Know One Size is Not For Everything

The "usual" or "normal" size is still here, yet still luxurious in every way, you can enjoy your memories in our luxury PREMIUM album with a manageable A4 (11" x 8", just a tad bit smaller than an actual A4) size book alongside with a protection cover that will ensure your momentous memories are well kept. The standard size PREMIUM photo album is ideal for you to enjoy your best memories wherever you go, your wedding photos, your first child's baby shower all within the size manageable for your suit case, luggage and of course it will lay nicely on your lap while you enjoy a sip of coffee.

A photo speaks a thousand words, and with many photos, they tell a story. Let your photos speak for themselves. The standard size photobook is commonly used for personal use with lots of texts such as documenting a baby taking his first steps, memorialising everlasting travel adventures and more.

The standard size photobook is slightly smaller than an A4 paper.

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