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Book Types & Pricing

We give you two formats of photobooks, SIMPLE Books and PREMIUM Books . We know just one format of photobooks will definitely not meet your needs that's why we created two ranges of photobooks for you to choose from and a variety of sizes! While the Simple Books will serve just right as a personalised memory gift, photos of your wedding ceremony may look better in Premium Books and in sizes like the standard and XL sizes.

Choose from the photobook sizes: Mini to the XL size. Click on the photobook images above to find out more about each of the sizes and our experience of what others have done and their respective occasions.

Premium Books

PREMIUM Books, just like how the name describes it. PREMIUM Books are photobooks that are carefully designed to give you the highest quality of customised photo albums, exclusively made for you to preserve and document your most momentous memories such as Weddings, First Born Baby, Anniversaries, and we can't leave it out for Valentine's Day as well. Memories that carves an engraving into your life, that's what PREMIUM Photo Books will promise to give you, memories with a touch of exclusivity and it comes with a sturdy protection box to ensure your memories will not be damaged easily. Our PREMIUM books gives out a long lasting impression and exclusivity, the patented 216gsm Flexibind Layflat paper makes your photos completely layflat in the center without a lost of image in the gutter, allowing you to enjoy your memories and photos at its best.

Premium Books Preview

Sturdy hard covers yet soft and elegant on the fingertips, our PREMIUM photo album covers are finished with stellar quality leathers that comes in three classical colours, red, black and blue for you to choose from.

Premium Books Leather Preview

To ensure that your most treasured moments are protected and can be easily sorted, PREMIUM photo albums come with a hardy protection box alongwide with a picture window to ensure that all you can be neatly arranged, sorted and recognisable.

Premium Books Protection Box Preview

That is what the PREMIUM Book is! We created this range of personalised photo books so that your momentous memories are kept the way they deserve to be. Who doesn't like to have an amazing throwback by flipping through a leather bounded photobook filled with photos of their most important memories?


SIMPLE Books are not just that "simple". Everyone deserves to treasure their memories however they like it to be, so with SIMPLE Books, you can do just that. Quality and Affordability is what we promise you. SIMPLE Books are creatively designed by our photobook veterans to let you easily turn them into photo gifts, casual memory keepsake and easy home decorations. Hard Covered and Image Wrapped SIMPLE Books can blend into anything you'd like, the colour combinations and faces of joy will bring warmth to your home, your office desktop, your wallet, your office wall and so many more in an instant! Whilst there are various alternatives to gifts and home decoration, SIMPLE Books offer you a simplistic yet meaningful gift that will surely dazzle you and your friends, don't leave out family too.

Here's a glimpse of how our SIMPLE Books are finished. Imagewrapped laminated hardcover, high quality 210gsm luxury Layflat paper and staple binded, the ideal way to prepare gifts for your friends and family.

Simple Books Preview

SIMPLE Books are photobooks that are made with the highest quality at affordable prices. If you are looking to prepare family gathering photobooks, travel adventure photo albums, then the SIMPLE Books is the range that we would recommend you. Whilst not all memories are ground shaking for you, there are certainly memories that you would like to remind yourself of someday.

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