Guide To Place A Photo Book Order Online

1. Choose A Photo Book Design You Like

We have Over 99+ Photo Book Designs available! Choose one that suits what you have in mind.

Step 1: Choose A Photo Book Design

Step 2: Choose The Photo Book Type & Size

2. Choose The Photo Book Type & Size

Once you have selected your photo book, you will be able to view the preview the design page content. If it is to your liking, choose the book type and size that best suit you and click "Choose This Photo Book"

3. Tell Us About Your Photos

Tell us about your photos by clicking on one of the categories provided and make sure that the correct photo book size has been ticked.

Step 3: Tell us about your photos.

Step 4: Write A Title For Your Photo Book & Choose The Cover Photos.

4. Title & Cover Photos

To have a title for your photo book, simply fill up the Album Title section. As for the cover photo, simply click on "Choose File" button and a window will pop up for you to select a photo that you would like for the respective cover page.

5. Details, Details, Details

Fill up the form accordingly and ensure that all fields are filled up. If you have a discount voucher, type your voucher code in the "Discount Voucher" field and click "Apply Voucher".

Step 5: Personal details and Discount Voucher Codes.

Step 6: Check Billing Summary.

6. Check Billing Summary

Once you have filled up your personal details, you will be able to view a summary of your order. If you have used a voucher, you will be able to see the deducted amount here as well.

*IMPORTANT* The summary price does not include GST 6% & shipping charges (if any)

7. Upload Your Photos

Click On "Add Photos" to begin uploading the photos that you would like to compile into a photo book. A minimum of 60 photos will be required.

*NOTE* If you would like to add more photos, simply click any part of the grey colour area to continue choosing photos to upload.

In cases where you see a red cross on the upper right side of the uploaded photo, this indicates that the photo is either too large (maximum 8MB) OR it has already uploaded earlier (duplicates).

Step 7: Photo Uploading.

Step 8: Order Now!

8. Completing Your Order

Once your you have uploaded a minimum amount of 60 photos successfully, the "Order Now" button will be activated where you can click on it and complete your order.

*NOTE* The "Order Now" button will remain inactive until at least 60 photos are uploaded. You can view the number of photos uploaded by looking at the photo counter which is located just next to the order button.