Photobook Ideas

Photobook Ideas

What can you make with a photobook?


Welcoming a baby

Watching your little one grow up is a wondrous memory, from their roundest eyes to their rosy cheeks, from their tiny fingers to their tiny toes, and before you know it, they are all grown up!

Your little baby grow up so fast that you would want to make a photobook that can commemorate all these memorable moments, documenting all the birth details from the weight to the length, from first baths to first hugs. Every small moment is small milestones for your little one at first, from first car rides to first time arriving home and from the first time sitting up to taking their first steps.

A custom baby photobook gives plenty of room for you to show off these treasured moments, perhaps adding a few words for extra details also about the moment like how parents felt or how your cute one reacted. With a blink of an eye, all these precious moments lighten away as they are gradually replaced with bigger and more significant moments in the future. However with a personalised baby photobook, all these memories remain safe, and you can still share them with your friends or enjoy the memories over tea when your all grown up child gather round with you.

View our ready-made baby photobook templates to make a personalised baby photobook today!

Family memories

Remember the happy times spent between you and your family together with a photobook where all your family moments are captured and preserved. There's nothing more important than family, celebrate all your family's unique history, accomplishments or maybe even family traditions such as a football meet up before celebrating a new year in a photobook. With a personalised family photobook, all these memories are stored in the most meaningful way in which phenomenal family memories and milestones will be kept alive through generations.

Personalised family photobooks make superb gifts for holiday and celebration of all sorts. You may make family photobooks to honour one specific family member's special achievement such as passing their exams with flying colours, making it through the national sports team, coming out triumphant from a tournament and many more! Some family members may want to have one photobook all to themselves for safekeeping too!

By making personalised family photobooks, you will realise that everyone who was involved in the making of the photobook will have a deeper and closer relationship with their families, understanding each other better and enjoy the good laughs that never gets old.

Visit our ready-made family photobook templates to make a personalised family photobook today!



Wedding ceremony

A wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion where your family and friends come together to celebrate the union of you and your other half. Photographers flash their way to get the right exposure, your friends impatiently wait to take a group selfie with you, your parents seem more nervous than you even though it is your wedding; you can use your wedding photos to make a photobook that tells the story of what happened on your wedding day and maybe before too.

Insert poetry, unique lyrics, specific verses and sayings that are momentous to the both of you as a couple. Every couple has their special dates and memorable occasions; as your wedding guests flip through the pages of your wedding photobook; they love reading all the small short quotes about how "the both of you knew" moment that you can also include about the time way back the first time you two met! Like any couple in high spirits, your wedding photobook should be truly special, personalised and a unique one that reflects who you are together as a union couple.

After a few long years of marriage, who wouldn't love to reminisce the about the past mind dazzling wedding that you had. Wishing you a happy long marriage! Wishing you a happily ever after!

Visit our ready-made wedding photobook templates to make a personalised wedding photobook

Gifts for special occasions

Finding a gift that is truly special can be mind boggling and difficult at times. Taking Valentine's gifts, for example, regardless if your love has been a few months or decades strong, a photobook is an amazing way of celebrating all the memories that you and your partner are grateful for. If your love fire has just started, gather all the significant moments since you and your partner got together; if your love has been blazing for a few decades, you can pick out the truly landmark event photos that reflect the journey the both of you have gone through.

Making a birthday gift for your best friend can be very meaningful as well with a photobook. Using the photos that you and your best friend have taken together over the years can remind your friend of the good and bad times during the decade long friendship. Photos such as the first argument you two had when you guys were just little toddlers, can just throwback the both of you and have a good laugh about it. The birthday gift photobook will bring the both of you closer together, with a deeper and stronger friendship that will be everlasting!


Travel adventures

Whether it is just a weekend getaway or a full-scale travel adventure, you take lots of photos with your digital camera to capture the wide spectrum of new, unique and mind dazzling things. From the view on top of a famous cliff to the beautiful golden beaches, from the common local foods to the exotic cultural delicacies; your vacation experience deserves to be documented. Our travel adventure themed ready-made photobook template sets off your travel adventure in magazine style, so you can insert details that tell more about your adventure in a rich context. Don't let those captured travel memories be forgotten by turning your exploration journey photos into a memorable photobook. Share your travel experience with your house guests when they flip through the pages of your travel photobook that captures the fun you had. They will be so amazed that they will set it as their next travel destination! You can also make multiple copies of photobook and send them to your family and friends to tell them what you have been up to in the foreign land you have just visited.

Visit our ready-made travel adventures photobook templates to make a personalised travel photobook today!

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