Contest Terms & Conditions

  1. This Contest is organized by Foto-ZZoom Sdn Bhd and is only open to Foto-ZZoom Photobook Malaysia customers aged 18 years and above on the date of entry.
  2. Information on how to enter and prizes forms part of the terms of entry. Entry into the competition is deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  3. All contents are of original materials and not plagiarized (copied) from any printed or digital publications, websites or others participant.
  4. Photographs submitted must not have been previously published in any form.
  5. The contestants must be the original photographers and own the copyright of the photographs submitted. The copyright of the image remains with the photographer.
  6. Only Participants that fulfill the contest mechanism (stated above) shall be eligible to win the Prize. Participants who fail to fulfill the contest mechanism will automatically be disqualified from the Contest without notice.
  7. The Organiser (including its respective employees, staff and agents) shall not be liable for any loss (including loss of opportunity and consequential loss arising therewith) and/or any damage suffered by any winner in connection with the Contest.
  8. The winner will be contacted, at any time and via email or any other mode of communication deemed appropriate by the Organiser.
  9. You need to present your Photobook order number when redeeming prizes
  10. Prizes are not exchangeable for cash and not transferable. The winner is bound by the terms and conditions that may be imposed relating to the use of the Prize. The acceptance of the Prize indicates the acknowledgment and agreement of the winner to such terms and conditions.
  11. Foto-ZZoom Sdn Bhd reserves the rights to change the prizes without prior notice.
  12. Foto-ZZoom reserves the right, at our discretion, to disqualify any entrant, image or vote connected to votes cast by unfair means.
  13. Prize winners must follow the schedule according to the event, if he or she could not participate because of certain circumstances, the prize winner will be transferred to other finalists.
  14. The Organiser reserves the right to publish or display materials or information, including but not limited to the names of all Participants for marketing, advertising and publicity purposes in any manner it deems appropriate. The Organiser further reserves the right to use any personal data of Participants in any manner and/or for any purpose it deems fit and the Participant are deemed to consent to such use with no monetary compensation.
  15. The Organiser reserves the right to vary, delete or add to any of these Terms and Conditions and/or substitute or replace the Prize from time to time without any prior notice.
  16. All entries must be legible and complete with accurate information. A panel of judges, appointed by the Organizers, will decide the results of the contest. The judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained.
  17. Entries that are submitted after the closing period or Contest Registration Forms which are incomplete, damaged, irregular, invalid, have not been submitted through approved channels, or otherwise do not conform to or comply with any of the Terms and Conditions of the Contest shall be disqualified.