Types of Panasonic Lumix Camera

Exploring the many varied possibilities of compact system cameras (CSC) or mirror-less cameras, Panasonic has been a pioneer in bringing top quality product to their patrons across the world.

FotoZZoom presents a look at various models of Panasonic Lumix cameras available in the market through their online store in Malaysia.

High-end G series

A sophisticated collection of mirror-less compact cameras, G-Series presents adept and precise machines in Panasonic Lumix cameras. Supporting features like futuristic quad core CPU and DFD technology, combined with Venus Engine image processor this high-speed live MOS sensor enhances image sensitivity, resolution, and performance.

Superzoom series

Internationally credited for popularizing the bridge concept of cameras, with extensive ‘superzoom’; Panasonic Lumix FZ camera series are versatile designs. Catered to suit increasing demands of avid photo enthusiasts, the FZ series is epitomized in the Lumix DMC-FZ200.

Featuring 24x optical zoom Leica DC f/2.8 lens, this high-speed progressive device is provides excellent image clarity in video and photo mediums.

Advanced creative range of models

Panasonic Lumix cameras offer elegance and top functionality in devices designed under their advanced creative range of models. Represented in DMC – LX7 Lumix model, this camera delivers optimum brightness and clarity of picture with its hybrid Leica Vario-Summilux lens with f/2.3 direct control of aperture.

Travel friendly compact zoom series

The travel zoom epitomized in the TZ range of Panasonic Lumix cameras were the first of its kind to introduce wide angle lenses on compact bodies, thus creating an entirely fresh concept in the travel zoom lenses. Allowing wide and far reaching zoom on small compact bodies TZ Lumix models make exceptional travel buddies.

Get tough with Panasonic Lumix Cameras

A majority of the time, best pictures captured are taken in the roughest conditions possible. Panasonic Lumix camera tough range makes difficult shot easier than ever. Resistant to severe weather conditions, Lumix DMC-FT5 creates multiple shot options with inbuilt NFC technology resistant to 100kg pressure with optimum capture up to 43 feet underwater.    

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