History of Panasonic Lumix Camera

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Here is a comprehensive history on all you need to know about Panasonic Lumix cameras, for photography aficionados interested in learning the story behind their favorite make of camera. 

Contemporary beginnings

Known latecomers to retail markets around the world, Panasonic Lumix cameras are collection of digital still cameras that offer a range of models from high-tech digital SLRs to easy to use point and shoot variety. Incredibly popular and efficient to use, the Lumix brand of cameras from Panasonic comes as a joint pairing of sophisticated German lens manufacturers Leica coupled with advanced designs and technology in bodies created by Panasonic.

Panasonic Lumix cameras saw their first model release in 2001, in the Lumix DMC-LC5. Equipped with an exclusive CCD sensor that allowed CMYG filtration, combined with a Leica DC 7-21mm Vario-Summicron ASPH lens with focal aperture at 2-2.5.

Panasonic Lumix cameras met with instantaneous acclaim

Panasonic Lumix cameras soon became internationally acclaimed devices of marvel and ingenuity with the introduction of wide angle 28-90mm, f/2.0 Lecia DC 3.2x optical image sensory lens fitted onto the Lumix DMC-LC1 model released in 2003. This easy to use, quality image semi-professional camera was met with much excitement and acclaim, with the added advantage of interchangeable lenses.

2006 brought further innovations when chief designer of Panasonic Lumix cameras Makoto Nakamura introduced Lumix L1. Sleek in design and compact, its unpretentious body enhanced with Live MOS image sensors embodied the future of digital camera design.

Creating new photo culture

Since then, Panasonic has long been standing up to their vision to reinvent photo culture in this digital era with innovative ideas and digital trends that supersede their competitors. Apart from delivering exclusive photo systems to their patrons worldwide, Panasonic Lumix cameras have been market innovators and creators of intelligent digital capabilities.

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