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Olympus XZ-2 Digital Camera (Black) Free 8gb & Olympus Case

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In The Box

Olympus STYLUS XZ-2 iHS Digital Camera (Black)
Olympus Lens Cap
Olympus USB Cable
Olympus A/V Cable
Olympus Shoulder Strap
Olympus LI-90B Lithium-Ion Battery (3.6 V, 1270 mAh)
Olympus Battery Charger
Olympus Instruction Manual
8GB Memory Card
Olympus Case

Product Features

12MP Resolution 1/1.7" BSI CMOS Sensor TruePic VI Image Processor 27-108mm f/1.8-2.5 (35mm Equiv) Lens 4x Optical Zoom 3.0" Swiveling Touchscreen LCD Display Dual Image Stabilization Full HD 1080p Video Recording In-Camera Panorama Mode 11 Art Filters Built-In Accessory Port This STYLUS XZ-2 iHS Digital Camera (Black) from Olympus is a compact camera that produces 12MP photos and Full HD 1080p video with its 1/1.7" backside illuminated (BSI) CMOS sensor. It's equipped with a wide-angle-to-telephoto 27-108mm (35mm equivalent) 4x optical zoom lens, with a fast aperture of f/1.8-2.5 for clear, detailed shots in low-light conditions. Using the 3.0" swiveling touchscreen with a 910k-dot resolution, you can compose and shoot photos with the tap of your finger, knowing that the dual image stabilization technology will keep your images clear and sharp. Olympus' iHS Technology combines the BSI CMOS sensor with the XZ-2's TruePic VI Image Processor to deliver improved image quality, response time, and intelligent functions. Watch as the Track AF easily follows your subject throughout the frame. The camera's Dual image stabilization (IS) technology, a combination of high ISO sensitivity and sensor-shift IS, implements the best settings for any given scene so you don't end up with image blur. The XZ-2 employs a fast and bright f/1.8-2.5 i.ZUIKO lens and high ISO sensitivity up to 6400, both of which enable clear, detailed image capture under low-light conditions. For more control over your images, the XZ-2 has a built-in mode dial and the ability to shoot images in RAW format. The mode dial allows you to quickly switch as your situation changes without having to navigate camera menus or change individual settings. Shooting RAW images allows you to capture, view and edit uncompressed, detail-rich files using editing software rather than letting the camera do it. Eleven in-camera art filters give you creative options for your work, while the panorama mode allows you to capture ultra wide-angle vistas by simply shooting three pictures in succession as you slowly sweep the camera across the scene - no tripod required. The built-in accessory port allows you to attach optional flashes, lights, microphones and viewfinders. 12MP Resolution BSI 1/1.7" CMOS Sensor The XZ-2 uses a large 1/1.7" 12MP resolution BSI-CMOS image sensor that provides enhanced low light performance and image quality over its predecessor. Both the increase from 10 to 12MP, and the addition of backside illumination (BSI), results in an extended dynamic range and increase in maximum ISO sensitivity to 12800. 27-108mm f/1.8-2.5 i.ZUIKO DIGITAL Lens (35mm Equivalent) The i.ZUIKO DIGITAL wide-angle-to-telephoto lens is a compact version of the Olympus ZUIKO DIGITAL interchangeable lenses, and is designed specifically for compact cameras like the XZ-2. The i.ZUIKO DIGITAL lens enables light to travel in a near-straight path to the image sensor in order to optimize optical performance. With a maximum aperture of f/1.8 at 27mm and f/2.5 at 108mm, this bright lens delivers similar image quality to that of the much larger ZUIKO DIGITAL DSLR lenses, giving you the benefit of great low-light performance, as well as less weight. Having a wide f/1.8 aperture also makes it possible to shoot pictures with more background blur (bokeh), which is usually difficult with small point & shoot cameras. This effect is especially apparent in portrait and macro shots with a subject relatively far from the background. A hybrid control ring built around the lens enables you to easily assign function settings to your preferences and switch between analog and digital operation. Use this ring for focusing or zooming, as well as changing exposure-related settings quickly and easily. The ring enables fine-tune focusing in macro, composition selection when shooting, and exposure adjustment--all without taking your eyes off your subject. 3.0" Swiveling Touchscreen LCD Display Not only does the XZ-2 have a 3.0" touchscreen display, but the LCD also swivels - flipping out from the camera to provide better viewing angles while shooting. It tilts up to 80° and down to 50°. From shooting low to the ground, to high above your head, you can see everything your XZ-2 sees by simply moving the screen where you want it. The greatest benefit of having a touchscreen is that you can accurately use tap-shooting and touch playback controls to add another dimension to how you shoot and navigate the camera's menus. Touch controls include Touch shutter release, Touch enlargement, Touch Live Guide, AF area selection, Frame advance/backward, Enlargement playback, and Touch Super Control Panel. Brightness and color temperature are both adjustable ±7 levels. For color setting, Vivid or Natural can be selected. Olympus iHS Technology The XZ-2 uses Olympus' iHS technology for enhanced picture quality and faster camera response time. It combines the TruePic VI image processor with the backside illuminated (BSI) CMOS sensor, for high image quality and processing speed while keeping noise levels low. TruePic VI Image Processor The camera's high-resolution image quality is supported by the TruePic VI image processor, as it renders images similar to what your eyes see, and is faster than the previous versions of TruePic processors. Fine Detail Processing minimizes loss of resolution while preventing false colors or moiré. Real Color Technology accurately reproduces rich gradation of colors and Advanced Gradation Auto prevents colors from being washed out in highlights and being darkened in shadows. Dual IS Image Stabilization Using a combination of high ISO sensitivity and sensor-shift image stabilization, the XZ-2 detects motion during shooting and reduces camera shake and image blur, helping you capture sharp images Full HD 1080p Video Recording Record videos in Full HD 1920x1080 or 1280x720 (16:9), both at 30fps, with an 18Mbps bit rate for 1080 and a 9Mbps bit rate for 720. You can also record at 30fps Recording can begin instantly with the press of a single dedicated Movie button so you'll never miss that critical moment. The Dual IS image stabilization also stabilizes the image during movie shooting, so you can walk down the street without getting shaky videos. The One Push Teleconverter function magnifies your video up to 2x. Plug an optional HDMI cable into the micro HDMI port on the camera to view your videos on an HDTV. Audio Recording Recording is in WAV format: Stereo linear PCM/16-bit, 48kHz sampling frequency. Microphone features Wind Noise Reduction and enables audio dubbing for still pictures (up to 30 sec). Maximum recording time for a picture with sound is 4 sec; for a movie, it depends upon video recording time. RAW Format Shooting In addition to the standard JPEG format, one can use the RAW data format for more convenient picture retouching after shooting. The RAW data can be processed on a PC with the provided Olympus software, or in the camera itself. Auto and Manual Focus Focus modes: Single AF (S-AF), Super Macro Mode, Continuous AF (C-AF), AF tracking (C-AF + TR), and Manual Focus (MF). Face priority AF and Eye Detect AF are available. Eye Detect AF has the following modes: OFF, Near side eye priority mode, Right side eye priority mode, and Left side eye priority mode. Focusing point selection: 35-area multiple AF with All target, Group target area (9-area), and Single target modes, or 25-area multiple AF with All target and Single target. There is also an AF Illuminator available. Manual Focus Assist: Live view image is magnified when the Control ring is rotated Built-In Flash The pop-up flash illuminates subjects in low-light situations, reduces red-eye and fills in dark areas. The flash's color temperature is 5500 +/- 400K. The camera also features an accessory port and a hot shoe for optional external flashes, which can be controlled by the built-in flash. External flash control modes include TTL Auto, Auto, or Manual. You can also control off-camera flashes wirelessly, in 4 groups with 4 channels. Compatible external flashes include FL-50R, FL-36R, FL-14, FL-300R, and FL-600R. In-Camera Panorama and 11 Art Filters Capture three images at once and stitch them together to create one amazing panoramic picture by simply pressing the shutter button and slowly panning across a scene. With eleven in-camera Art Filters, including Pop Art, Soft Focus, Pale & Light Color, Light Tone, Grainy Film, Pin Hole, Diorama, Cross Process, Gentle Sepia, Dramatic Tone, and Key Line, you can explore creative options while taking both still shots and Full HD video. The Art Filters can be applied as you shoot, with no additional software or equipment required. Art Filter effects include Soft Focus, Pin-Hole, White Edge, Frame, and Star Light. Picture Modes Vivid, Natural, Muted, Portrait, Monotone and Art Filters are available. Gradation: Auto, Normal, High Key, Low Key (except Art Filters). Adjustment Parameter: 4 levels (Auto, Normal, High key, Low key). Filter Effects: Neutral, Yellow, Orange, Red, and Green for Monotone. Scene Select AE Portrait, e-Portrait, Landscape, Sport, Night, Night + Portrait,Sunset, Documents, Panorama, Fireworks, Multiple Exposure, Beach & Snow, Underwater - Wide, Underwater - Macro, HDR. The e-Portrait mode softens shadows and smooths your subject's complexion either prior to image capture or during post-capture editing. Multiple Exposures, Bracketing and HDR Take up to 2 shots in multi-exposure mode. Auto gain and Live View are available. With exposure bracketing, capture multiple shots of the same subject using different camera settings, then choose the one you like best. You can capture 2 or 3 frames in 0.3/0.7/1.0EV steps. White balance bracketing is also available, enabling the capture of 3 frames in 2, 4, or 6 steps, selectable in each A-B/G-M axis. Backlight HDR mode captures a series of images at various exposure levels and blends them into one image combining the best of all the takes. Live View The Live View feature offers 100% field of view. Display Mode: Normal Mode, Grid Line Mode (4 types), Histogram Mode, Off. Monitor info: Aperture value, Shutter speed, Auto Bracket, AE Lock, AF mode, IS, Shooting Mode, Battery Check, My Set, Internal Temperature Warning, Face Detection (Max of 8 frames can be displayed) / Eye Detection, Histogram, Number of storable still pictures, Record mode, ISO, Sequential shooting, Self-timer, White Balance, Metering Mode, AF confirmation mark, Exposure Compensation Value, Spot metering Area, Flash Mode, Flash Status, Flash intensity Control, Super FP, Focal length, Tone control, Eye-Fi status, Digital Teleconverter, Battery check Easy-to-Use Live Guide Seeing the results before you shoot can change the way you take a picture. Simply set the camera to iAuto, press 'OK' to engage Live Guide, then press the up and down arrows on the back of the XZ-2 to easily slide through photographic effects, including Blur Background and Express Motion. Make adjustments to Color saturation, Color image, and Brightness. Watch the LCD as the effects are made live - even before the image is captured. Live Guide also features a Shooting Tips section on how to compose a shot or shoot kids, pets, flowers and more. Noise Reduction At slow shutter speeds: Off, On, and Auto are available. Auto is effective when shutter speed is slower than 1/2 sec. Noise Filter: At High ISO settings, Off, Low, Standard, and High are available. Editing Functions include RAW development, Gradation auto, Red-eye fix, Resize (1280x960, 640x480, 320x240), Trimming, Aspect, e-Portrait, Post recording. RAW picture editing: RAW development is based on settings of the camera (including Art Filter). JPEG editing: Shadow adjustment, Red-eye fix, Trimming, Aspect, Black & White, Sepia, Saturation, Resize, e-portrait. Erasing function: Single frame, All, Selected frames (from Index). Protect function: Single frame, Selected frames, Release protect (Single/All selected). Playback Mode: Single-frame, Information display, Index display (4/9/25 frames), Enlargement (2x - 14x), Movie (with sound, FF/REW/Pause), Picture rotation (auto), Slideshow (with BGM/BGM+Sound/Sound): Still/Movie/Still+Movie. When the camera is connected to an HDTV via HDMI cable, 3 new slideshow effects are selectable. You can employ fade-in/fade-out techniques, control the movie/still mix and speed, add musical soundtracks, and more. Information display shows Histogram (independent luminance / RGB available), Highlight/Shadow point warning, AF frame, Photographic information, OFF Super Control Panel Information Battery information, Shooting mode, Shutter speed, Aperture value, Exposure compensation value, ISO sensitivity, Exposure compensation indicator, Exposure indicator, Flash intensity compensation indicator, Date, Auto BKT setting, NR setting, WB, WB compensation value, Record mode, Flash Status, Record mode, Image size, Drive mode, Flash intensity compensation value, Metering mode, Recordable still image number, Focusing mode, AF frame, Color space, Sharpness, Contrast, Saturation, Internal Temperature Warning, Gradation, IS activating mode, Face detection, My Mode, Multi Exposure, Aspect Ratio, Super FP Live Control Information See the image and the controls all at once, whether you're using full manual or automatic control. Battery information, Shooting mode, Shutter speed, Aperture value, Exposure compensation value, ISO sensitivity, Exposure compensation indicator, Exposure indicator, Flash intensity compensation indicator, Date, Auto BKT setting, NR setting, WB, Record mode, Flash Status, Image size, Drive mode, Flash intensity compensation value, Metering mode, Recordable still image number, Focusing mode, AF frame, Internal Temperature Warning, IS activating mode, Face detection, My Mode, Multi Exposure, Aspect Ratio Image Share Technology Share images to your smartphone or other smart device. Your camera is compatible with the PENPAL Bluetooth unit, as well as Eye-Fi cards and the Flash Air media card, which enable you to upload images directly from your camera to social networking sites. Accessory Port Attach optional external flashes, the MAL-1 Macro light, SEMA-1 Microphone adapter set or the VF-2 or VF-3 detachable electronic viewfinders. Printing Print reservation (DPOF), Direct print (PictBridge compatible) Languages 39 languages selectable: Japanese, English, French, Germany, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Farsi, Russian, Czech, Danish, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese(Por), Portuguese (Bra), Norwegian, Finnish, Croatian, Slovenian, Simplified Chinese, Greek, Slovak, Turkish, Latvian, Estonian, Swedish, Lithuanian, Serbian, Rumanian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Malay, Thai, Hebrew

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