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Olympus Stylus SP100ee, 16mp, LCD 3.0'', 50x Optical Zoom, Free WIFI 16GB & Olympus Case

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In The Box

Olympus STYLUS SP-100ee, 16mp, LCD 3.0'', 50x Optical zoom
Olympus LI‑92B Rechargeable Lithium‑Ion battery
Olympus F-2AC AC Adapter
Olympus CB‑USB8 USB Cable
Olympus Neck strap
Olympus Instruction Manual
Olynpus World Wide Warranty Card
Olympus Viewer 3 Software CD-ROM
Olympus Lens Cap
Memory Card 8GB
Olympus Original Case

Product Features

Olympus STYLUS SP-100ee 16mp, LCD 3.0'', WIFI


The world's first*1 50x optical ultra-zoom camera equipped with Eagle's Eye

Ultra-zoom lens exceeding 20x of magnification ratio is one of the features that can only be offered with compact digital cameras and not with interchangeable lens DSLRs. But as the magnification ratio gets higher, the angle of view gets smaller, making it difficult to locate the subject in the viewfinder or on the rear monitor. The STYLUS SP-100EE is the world' s first digital camera to be equipped with Eagle' s Eye (Red Dot Sight) that enables easy framing, while it features the 50x zoom lens that covers from 24mm to 1200mm*2 of focal lengths. You can enjoy the telephoto shooting of 50x ultra-zoom lens with the easy framing you never experienced before.

Amazing Ultra Zoom

Amazing Ultra Zoom

The STYLUS SP-100EE is the world's first digital camera to be equipped with Eagle's Eye for more reliable telephoto shooting. This feature lets you shoot moving subjects while zooming in on them without missing shutter chance.

Optical 50x ultra zoom (24-1200mm *1)

Achieves the optical 50x ultra zoom from 24mm*1 at wide angle end to 1200mm (35mm equivalent) at telephoto end. This is very useful for shooting subjects that you cannot get close to such as athletes, wild birds and aircraft. Super Macro Mode lets you get as close as 1cm up to your subject.

Optical 50x ultra zoom
Lens focal length (35mm equivalent ) : 721mm Shutter speed : 1/1000 sec Aperture value : F6.5 Exposure compensation : -1.0EV ISO : 640 (SP-100EE)

Optical 1x: focal length 24mm (35mm equivalent) > Optical 50x ultra zoom  >Optical 50x ultra zoom

Optical 1x: focal length 24mm                Optical 26x: focal length 621mm               Optical 50x: focal length 1,200mm

(all 35mm equivalent)

IS unit shift lens

17 elements in 12 groups including aspherical and ED glass elements are effectively allocated to reduce various aberrations.

Optical 50x ultra zoom
At the telephoto setting

Image Stabilization

The SP-100EE (Eagle' s Eye) features lens-shift image stabilizations. It reduces camera shake when shooting and framing a zoomed-in subject to provide comfortable experience.

Super-resolution zoom

An even greater zoom ratio is possible by combining it with optical zoom. Unlike conventional digital zoom, it can be used without significantly losing image quality. By combining the 50x optical zoom and 2x super-resolution zoom, the SP-100EE can provide up to 100x (2400mm*1) zoom.

Super-resolution zoom
Optical zoom x Super-resolution zoom (2X)

The world' s first*2 camera with Eagle's Eye (Red Dot Sight)

When performing super telephoto shooting (over 1000mm*1 focal length), you often miss the subject with a normal viewfinder or LCD monitor. In particular, when shooting moving subjects such as wild birds, air craft and athletes, it takes advanced techniques to capture them well. The SP-100EE is the world' s first camera that is equipped with a Dot Sight (Eagle' s Eye) to cope with this problem. Pop up a sight located at the top of the camera and place the red reticle on the subject to capture it certainly.
The world窶冱 first camera with Eagle窶冱 Eye (Red Dot Sight)

1.Reticle brightness adjustment

The world窶冱 first*2 camera with Eagle窶冱 Eye (Red Dot Sight)

What is a Red Dot Sight?

Red Dot Sight is a part of optical dot sight. Light from the light source is reflected by a half mirror to superimpose the reticle at infinity of the viewfinder image.

*Since the Red Dot Sight does not project light directly to the subject, the subject is not affected.

What is a Red Dot Sight?

Advantages of Eagle' s Eye (Red Dot Sight)

It lets you easily frame a moving subject when performing super telephoto shooting just by putting the reticle on the subject. Because the axis of the red dot sight is close to that of the lens, the parallax can be minimized, and it can be used without paying attention to the zoom position and the distance to the subject. The brightness of the reticle synchronizes with the brightness of the subject so that it can be seen easily. If AF fails, the reticle blinks to alert the user.

*To shoot a close subject, it is necessary to adjust the irradiation position of the reticle.

Advantages of mounting the Red Dot Sight in a camera

There are optional Red Dot Sights that can be attached to the hot shoes of cameras. However, they are not very useful because they require position adjustment after attaching them. If you put a camera into your bag with an external Red Dot Sight attached, they may be broken. So you need to attach and remove it each time you use it. The Red Dot Sight and flash are stored at the top of the SP-100EE (Eagle's Eye) and can be set by a single movement of the lever, making it very useful.

 SP-100EE (Eagle' s Eye)External Red Dot Sight
While carryingWhile carrying It is retracted in the camera when not used. It takes much space when attached and can easily be broken.
While shooting It can instantly pop up when necessary. It takes two actions: removing the cover and switching the power ON.
OperabilityParallax The parallax is minimal because it is built-in type.
It requires minimum amount of adjustment.
It is away from the lens because it is external.
Too much parallax. Requires a lot of adjustment when attached.
Parallax adjustment Up/down only: Can be adjusted just by turning the dial. Up/down, right/left: Separately adjustable using a wrench.
Reticle brightness adjustment The brightness is adjusted according to the brightness of the subject.
Can be seen easily under any condition
Hard to see the reticle and the subject when shooting in a bright place or dark place. The brightness must be adjusted manually.
Power supply Supplied by the camera. Required (must be exchanged when it runs out)
OthersBuilt-in flash Can be used together with the built-in flash. The built-in flash cannot pop up normally when attached to the hot shoe.

Art Filters


Interval Shooting


Fast continuous shooting

The fast continuous shooting mode lets you capture the right moment.

  • Continuous Shooting Mode 1: Up to 200 frames at the speed of 2.5fps (Number of recorded pixels: up to 16M)
  • Continuous Shooting Mode 2: Up to 6 frames at the speed of 7fps (Number of recorded pixels: up to 16M)
  • Fast Continuous Shooting Mode 1:Up to 60 frames at the speed of 20fps (Number of recorded pixels: up to 3M)
  • Fast Continuous Shooting Mode 2:Up to 60 frames at the speed of 60fps (Number of recorded pixels: up to 3M)
  • * Lets you shoot continuously by holding the shutter button down.
  • *1 35mm film camera equivalent.
  • *2 Current as of January 2014, according to Olympus research.
  • * The photo is for illustrative purposes only.
  • * Screen captures in the monitor are composite images.


Product Specification

Olympus STYLUS SP-100ee, 16mp, LCD 3.0'', 50x Optical Zoom



No. of effective mega pixels 16M
Removable memory SD/SDHC/SDXC Card (supported for UHS-1 speed class)
Internal memory (for shooting ) 37MB
Recording image size (pixels)MAX. 4608x3456
MIN. 640x480
Lens focal length (35mm camera equivalent) 24-1200mm
Optical zoom 50x
Digital zoom (total zoom ratio in still mode (optical x digital)) 4x
Super Resolution Zoom (x2) Yes(2x)
iHS Yes
Focus rangeNormal W:0.07m-∞ / T:3.5m-∞
Macro No
Super macro 0.01m-∞ f=4.3mm(focal length fixed)
LCD monitorType LCD
Size (inch) 3.0 Inch (3:2)
No. of pixels (approx.) 460000
Touch panel No
Maximum ISO sensitivity 6400
Art Effect -
Body in panorama Yes (Smart Panorama)
3D Photos No
Image stabilizer Lens Shift
AF mode Face Detect iESP/Spot/tracking
AF Tracking Yes
Face Detection (Faces may not be detected correctly in some cases) Yes(up to 8)
Pet Detection No
Shadow Adjustment Technology No
Movie recording with sound MOV/H.264
Movie recording size (pixels) 1080 60p (1920x1080)
1080p (1920x1080)
720p (1280x720)
VGA (640x480)
HS120fps (640x480)
S240fps (432x324)
*When shooting 1080 60p/1080p/720p movies,Use SDHC class6(speed class)/SDXCclass6 or higher.
*High-Speed Movie Size(HS120fps: 640x480 / HS240fps: 432x324)
BatteryLI-ion rechargeable battery (model) LI-92B
AA battery (no.of batteries) -
HDMI (type) Yes
Dimensions(mm) (CIPA guideline compliant) 121.2x91.3x133.2 mm
Weight (g) (Including batteries/card) (CIPA guideline compliant) 589g

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