Types of Olympus PEN Camera

Olympus has currently released 5 types of PEN cameras in the market all over the world. Depending on your requirement and ease of handling cameras, you get to choose the appropriate PEN camera. At FotoZZoom, you are assured of the genuine PEN cameras with all authentic parts and accessories too!

The attractive PEN models

Given below is a list of the cameras you can choose from a brief insight into their qualities:

The latest entry in the market, the PEN E-P5 is already making waves because of its following iconic features: 

  • Elegant camera design in premium wooden-grip and/or leather-accessorized settings (the accessories available on a limited quantity basis).
  • Built in Wi-Fi for easy transfer of photos to smartphones and other digital devices. Sharing photographs was never this easy!
  • 2X2 Dial Control interface – This innovation covers the shutter speed, exposure compensation, white balance and ISO speed.
  • A high-powered ViewFinder specs are – 2.36 million dots, VF-4 with a magnification factor of 1.48x.
  • Photo Story that shoots various facets of a single scene/subject.

The PEN EP-3

This model boasts of the following features:

  • Fastest AF System: Get the world’s fastest autofocus speed with this camera. Click on the shutter button and instantly that picture is captured.
  • Built-in Flash
  • Ten Art Filters – Not satisfied with the quality of your subject? Use the art filters to enhance their beauty.


A compact companion for photographers, you get the following benefits with this lightweight champion:

  • OM-D Quality Images – This feature ensures you get high-quality images with the aid of the superb lenses manufactured by Olympus by reducing noise and increasing the auto-response rate.
  • Also comes equipped with Art Filters.
  • Share those high-quality photos with exclusive smartphone apps such as “Ol.Share” on social networking sites.


These models come equipped with the following features apart from the traditional ones:

  • Art filters
  • Flip-put wide screens
  • High-Capability Removable flashes
  • Fast AF technologies
  • Guidance on SLR style effects
  • MOS sensors.

Having read the descriptions of the world-class Olympus PEN cameras, you must be eager to go shopping for them straight-away! So don’t waste another minute, if you are looking for a reputed online store in Malaysia where you get all of the above and more visit FotoZZoom today!