Comparison of Olympus PEN Camera

While one cannot have a favorite among children, it is equally hard for one to choose amongst the various Olympus Pen cameras. Whether you are looking to buy one or more of them online, visit the famous online store of Malaysia, FotoZZoom today and get them all at one place!

To help you make your decision, we’ve made a comparison of the cameras available in this range. While most features are common to all brands of the PEN cameras, the focus has been placed on the distinguishing features of three cameras depending on their age in the market, the E-P5, E-PL6 and E-PM2 (arranged in descending order).

Physical specs

The weight difference in these cameras is just about 50 grams each. So you get a lot of features packed in the most compact style. The E-P5 weighs the heaviest at 366g (body only). Its physical dimensions are 122.3 x 68.9 x 37.2 mm while the E-PM2 measures 109.8 x 64.2 x 33.8 mm.

The E-P5 comes equipped with a built-in Wireless LAN while the other 2 models do not.

Image editing – With the first 2 models, you have several editing options such as RAW development, gradiation, trimming, image overlay and postrecording. This clearly shows the increase in PEN camera qualities.

The Wi-Fi effect – E-P5 comes equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity. This includes a GPS information technology, wireless shooting and ability to JPEG and MOV files to up to 4 devices.

Photo story – E-P5 lets you make images more fun! Edit the frames, select from various themes to present your photos in a more picturesque manner.

Built-in flash – The E-P5 comes with an in-built flash while the older version has separately bundled flash. While both have their benefits, choose your camera depending on which option is easier for you.

How to choose your camera?

The specifications of the cameras are very similar. Those who are looking to take stunning images and also add colorful touches to them or need extra-fast AF speeds, go for the newer versions. You can also share the images with the more recent models so all those of you who are frequent SNS users, go online on FotoZZoom today and pick up an E-P5! Quality though is guaranteed with every PEN camera.