Photos Captured with Nikon Lenses

For photography, the DSLR camera is undoubtedly the best and most professional camera to possess, and has a broad market appeal. One of its main and most attractive features is its ability to use interchangeable lenses.

Nikon is a leading Japanese MNC that specializes in photographic and imaging products. They mainly deal with cameras and camera lenses. Nikon supplies Nikkor imaging lenses for F-mount cameras, DSLR cameras, format photography, and photographic enlargers. While choosing the right lens for your camera, you must first decide what kind of photos you want to take, either close-ups or distant photography and the amount of width and zoom required. Nikon has every type of lens to suit any kind of photography.

Different types of Nikon lenses 

  • AI Lens – Automatic Maximum Aperture Indexing system allows this lens to adapt to the camera’s exposure system. AI lenses focus manually and control aperture settings. Get onto FotoZZoom today, Malaysia’s online photography store to select from a wide range of lenses.


  • AI-P Lens – This is a manual lens from Nikon and acts like a computer that automatically measures the distance between the camera and the image, and transfers that metering data to the camera.
  • AF-I Lens – This Nikon DSLR lens allows you to focus on objects that are moving at very high speeds, such as a racing car or a running animal.



  • G-Type Lens – This lens does not have automatic aperture control, but instead allows the aperture to be adjusted through the camera’s command dial. They measure distance between the subject and the camera accurately, and has automatic flash control.


  • Macro Lens – This type of Nikon lens allows you to take extreme close-ups shots of objects such as flowers, food, insects, jewelry, etc. 


  • Landscape Lens – These lenses allow you to take beautiful close up or far off shots of landscapes and seascapes.      


  • Sports and Action Lens – These super telephoto lenses will help you capture the fastest racecar or motorbike at your favorite sporting event with their wide-angle zoom features.

Other Nikon lenses include fisheye lenses, teleconverters, and perspective control lenses. Visit today for all your photographic lens needs.