Usage of Nikon Flash

The different types of Nikon flashes available in the market can all be used for various types of photography. Choosing the correct type of flash can separate the mediocre images from the high quality ones. It is essential for any good photographer to identify what type of Nikon flash is suitable for the type of photography they are doing. The Speedlite series manufactured by Nikon has a number of external flashes that are being widely used by photographers all over the world.

Nikon flashes for travel photography

An ideal flash for travel photography should be light and easy to carry around. The Nikon Speedlite SB-300 is a small flash that you can easily pack along with your camera. It provides you with a better illuminating solution than the in-built flash in your camera and also runs on just two AAA batteries. Being able to tilt up to 120 degrees, it also provides you with the option of bouncing the light off another surface. For more information about Nikon flashes, please visit FotoZZoom today.

Nikon flashes for portraits

When taking a portrait shot, most photographers use a series of multi-flash systems to get the best lighting possible. The Nikon Speedlite SB-910 is an ideal flash for portrait photo shoots as it can act as a master device that triggers off all the other flashes in the setup. It also has the ability to tilt and rotate to a number of different angles making the lighting options extremely flexible.

Nikon flashes for macro photography

When shooting a macro shot it is essential to have a flash that can be rotated to various angles in order to capture every detail of the subject. The Nikon Speedlite SB- 700 is an ideal flash for shooting macro photography. It is very flexible  and  can also be triggered off by a third party radio device, making it handy to carry around with you. To purchase a Nikon Speedlite Flash, please visit FotoZZoom today.