Types of Nikon Flash

There are a number of Nikon flashes that have been released in the market over the past few years. Each flash offers a different set of functions that are perfect for different types of photography. The Nikon Speedlite series is among  the most popular external flash series  and is what we will be focusing on today.

Speedlite SB-300

The Nikon flash SB-300 is a lightweight, easy to use model that is a perfect entry level flash. You can tilt this flash  to bounce the light off the ceiling or other surfaces. It covers a depth of range between 0.6 meters up to 20 meters depending on the ISO sensitivity. It runs on two AAA batteries and so  is  the ideal travel flash. To know more about Nikon flashes, please visit FotoZZoom today.

Speedlite SB-700

The SB-700 is equipped with a wireless lighting feature that is ideal for all sorts of creative lighting. It has the capability to act as a master device that controls other flashes in a multi-flash setup. A well designed control layout and LCD display panel makes it easy to adjust the settings. This Nikon Flash is also highly heat resistant making it ideal for long hours of use. It has the capability to tilt its head to a number of different angles as well as rotate to make the light bounce off a number of surfaces. 

Speedlite SB-910

This particular Nikon flash SB-910 is one of the most advanced flashes in the market today. A newly simplified graphic user interface makes for easy operation and menu navigation. It can also work as a part of a multi-flash system as either a master or as a slave (remote). The flash head can tilt as well as rotate to a number of different angles making it a great flash for any sort of photography. It also includes an in built thermal sensor that protects the flash from overheating during long periods of use. To know more about the Nikon Speedlite SB-910, contact the nearest FotoZZoom today.