Photo Captured with Nikon Flash

Beautifully captured images move and capture more than just the subject right? They also capture the observer and leaves him or her at awe. Nikon Speedlight flashes add dimensions to photographs when used creatively.

FotoZZoom keeps you updated on the most happening innovations in digital camera and print media, through their premium online store in Malaysia. Here are some of wonders and features of Nikon flashes and the wealth they can bring to your images. If you are interested in photography, you must check these flashes out.

SB-910 AF Speedlight

A forerunner in Nikon Speedlight flashes, the SB-910 AF Nikon flash offers versatile and unparalleled lighting solutions. Equipped with i-TTL metering, auto and manual power ratio adjustable for varying shooting environments, the SB-910 incorporates wide 17-200mm zoom, combined with simple control and functions.


SB-300 AF Nikon Speedlight flash

This Nikon flash delivers optimized images with 120o bounce combined with 360o rotation, enhancing Nikon’s Creative Lighting System, this dapper gadget supports wireless mode, with as much as 18-200mm FX zoom format. An intelligent Nikon Speedlight flash, the SB-300 AF automatically identifies hard color type and adjusts white balance. Take delightfully soft images.


SB-R200 Wireless Speedlight

As a Nikon DSLR flash, the SB-R200 wireless enhances close up profile, and general everyday photography with it’s easy to use analog controls and quick change settings. Nikon Speedlight flashes support a far more versatile range in this wireless gadget. i-TTL controlled flash delivers accurate exposure, combined with target lighting, AF illuminator, and optimum autofocus in low light situations.


Nikon 1 SB-N5 Speedlight

Enabled with guide number 8.5-12 meter, this vertical Nikon DSLR compatible flash can rotate up to 90o vertically with 360o rotation horizontally. Nikon 1 SB-N5 Speedlight flash can zoom from 2-66 feet, and features automatic insulated bipolar gate transistor. Compact and easy to use, this Nikon flash keeps images illuminated, even in dimly lit spaces.

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