layflat paper

Exclusively at FotoZZoom, you can enjoy 100% of your photos!

PREMIUM Books is made with the revolutionary technology that combines plastic and paper, producing a unique flexible hinge allowing you to enjoy your photobook completely layflat where virtually no images are lost in the center gutter giving you a seamless view of your favourite photos. This is the only paper we give you and all your photobooks will be digitally printed on this 216 gsm Heavy Duty Coated Flexbind paper. The layflat paper will give you the opportunity to place a photograph that runs through the center of your photobook with virtually no interruption. Why spend more for this Layflat technology? This is because we believe your memories are meant to be displayed the way they are supposed to be and enjoyed the way it should be.

Worry not folks, SIMPLE Books is made of superior layflat paper as well with a slight twist. Just because you are spending lesser does not mean you are not going to enjoy your memories fully, we believe everyone deserves enjoy their memories as the way they should be.