Photo Captured with Fujifilm Instax Camera

It is hard to imagine that we are still talking about an instant film camera in 2014. With the digital revolution and popularity of all things digital, it was expected that such cameras would become a relic of the past by the turn of the century. And this has happened to a large extent, except for a lone warrior that has stood tall among the ruins - the Fujifilm Instax camera. While its contemporaries and rivals have ceased existing, the Instax is making a comeback.

People are searching for something that reminds them of the ‘good old days’, and the latest digital cameras are not just doing the job. The nostalgia factor works along with the high quality of the cameras itself, and they have made the Instax range a hit. Today, we’ll compare pictures taken by two of the latest additions to the Instax range. And if you find any of the camera exciting enough, rush down to your local FotoZZoom for all your camera needs.

Fujifilm Instax 210

The last wide format Instax available today, the 210 still takes the same sharp photographs that the range has always been known for. The close up lens makes the closer shots look better but the colors look a bit too saturated. It is blasphemous to compare a film camera photos to digital photos but these photos do stand up to the comparison. The adjustable print color brightness too does a good job and the resulting photographs are a delight to look at.


Fujifilm Instax mini 90

The mini 90 is the most advanced Instax yet. It has many extra features that have been missing from older models, including the 210. The photographs show that the party mode does a good job of capturing the background and the subject, so you do not need to look at another bunch of dark party photos. The macro mode has also worked well for close up photos and the clarity is very good. Moving subjects such as pets and kids too are captured well with the new Kids mode. Overall, the mini 90’s shots make it equal to or better than most point and shoot cameras in the market.


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