History of Fujifilm Instax Camera

The Fujifilm Instax camera range is not a new entity in the market. In fact it has been around for over 15 years now. It has been quite popular among people who do not want to go for a digital camera for any reason but also do not want to get hassled by reel cameras. The Instax range has been developed for exactly such kind of people. Let us learn some more about these unique cameras that look out of place in today’s digitised world but are quite popular among people looking to hold on to some nostalgia.

The first Instax cameras

The name Instax has been used by Fujifilm since the late 1990s but the type of instant still cameras that the name denotes have been around since the 1970s. They are based on the improvements made by Kodak to the SX-70 instant film system made by Polaroid. Even though the steps made the instant film system better, Polaroid sued Kodak for not working with them. However, Fujifilm marketed the Instax with Polaroid’s permission after making some more changes to the pressure plate springs and electrical power sources (both of which were integrated in to the body of the camera rather than the film pack). This made the cameras and the film more economical and the first Instax was launched in the late 1990s - the Fujifilm Instax 100.

The evolution

After the success of the first range of cameras, Fujifilm decided to manufacture the same in two formats - the original wide format which had a film size of 60 mm X 90 mm and the ‘mini’ which held films of size 62 mm X 46 mm. Even though Polaroid and Kodak, companies that inspired and helped Fujifilm in developing the Instax are no more a viable competitor with the coming of the digital technology, the Instax range itself has seen a kind of revival amongst people looking for a slice of the past. Today, it stands alone in a sea of digital cameras from various companies around the world.

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