Comparison of Fujifilm Instax Camera

While digital cameras rule the roost in the world and film cameras are looking more and more like a relic of a bygone era, the instant film cameras have been assumed by most to be dead and buried. But among this landscape, one competitor stands tall - the Fujifilm Instax camera. The brand has been going strong since the late 1990s and even though its contemporaries are no more than footnotes in history, the Instax still has a loyal following and is actually increasing its customer base. Since 2011, the range has added a slew of new models to its lineup to attract the new breed of photographers who want something different from a film camera but do not want to use a digital one. Here we look at the latest additions to the Instax lineup, all of which are available at FotoZZoom, the premier camera retailer in Malaysia.

Fujifilm Instax mini 8

The young one of the bunch, not in terms of age, but looks and spirit. The mini 8 was launched by Fujifilm to attract the customers who do not want a drab black and silver camera but want to add an element of fun to it. The camera is available in five colors, white, black, pink, yellow, and blue. It is a youthful iteration of the mini series and as with all mini series cameras, it takes the mini film. It has a compact body with fixed focus. It is almost completely an auto9matic camera and is suitable for beginners who do not want to play around with settings but want a high quality photograph.

Fujifilm Instax 210

The 210 is the only wide format Instax in the market now. Even though it was the default format when Fujifilm started production, the mini has become more popular and the 210 remains the lone camera of its kind in the market. Due to having the wide format, it is actually the better option if you are looking to capture a large landscape, a big group, or a photograph at a party. It also has adjustable print color brightness so that the photos come out exactly as you want.

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