Fast & Secured Order

Fast and Secure Order

Once your orders has been confirmed and paid, the process of securing and delivery of your order starts. For most products, we normally have ready stocks in one of our retail outlets or were kept at one of our local distributors' logistic centre. Upon securing the stock at our HQ, the products are checked throughly for physical defects and tested for functionality, besides ensuring that every item 'In the Box' are there. Thereafter, we video record the whole process of repacking the items 'In the Box" and the bubble packing to the sealing of the courier bags. This is a security measure to avoid items missing during the process of delivery from FotoZZoom to our customers. Once the sealed courier bag has been collected by the courier company, the customer will be duly emailed informed and a tracking number made available.

As for the services of making Photobook, photo printing or canvas printing, once the order has been uploaded to our server and payment paid, the process of making the photobook or photo/canvas printing starts. Stringent quality control is monitored at every process to avoid unnecessary quality issues or rework as all of these will ultimately affect the quality of product and customer service. As photobooks, photo/canvas prints can be easily damage due to accidental fall or knocking, extra care will be incorporated into the packing of these items to ensure it arrives at the customers' place undamaged.

Be it an order for a product or a service of photobook making or photo printing, rest assured you, as the customer, is always at the centre of everything we do because we understand at the end of the day, your repeat business will keep our company profitable.