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Energizer Mini Alarm Alkaline Battery with 1 Piece of A23

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Energizer Mini Alarm Alkaline Battery with 1 Piece of A23 (A23BP1G)

Product Features

High energy density Long life power source Advanced engineering and state-of-art manufacturing Longer life and consistently reliable performance Energizer 23A Energizer Alkaline 12 Volts 0.3 x 1.12 x 0.3 inches A23 Miniature Alkaline 12 Volt Energizer Battery. A23 Energizer The Energizer A23 Battery is an alkaline-manganese dioxide battery that provides long life for your electronic devices. This 12V alkaline battery fits Glo-Toob and Glo-Toob FX models and also the Petra-Tek Strobe Guard Siren Light. What makes this 12V alkaline battery a perfect choice for my electronic gadgets? The A23 battery pack delivers both a dependable and powerful performance to your electronics. This miniature alkaline battery offers an output voltage of 12 volts, which is sufficient to drive any device. The high voltage enables it to power remote controls and other devices that demand a radio frequency. This battery is available at a fairly competitive price. The 12V A23 Battery has a good shelf life of up to 3 years. This battery is environment-friendly, as it does not contain toxic chemicals like mercury or cadmium. Which devices can be used with the Energizer A23 Battery? The 12V A23 Battery, with its superior drain rate, good shelf storage life, low internal resistance, and wide operating temperature, is the popular choice for many portable devices. It is used in most remote controls, car starters, remote starters, toys, pagers, garage door openers, and other personal electronics. What are the additional replacement part numbers or cross references for the A23 battery pack? If you have any of the following batteries currently installed in any of your personal electronics, you can upgrade to the Energizer A23 Battery: Energizer VA23GA, Energizer EL12, Energizer LRV08, Energizer MS21, Energizer A23BP, Energizer A23BP-2, Energizer E23A, Energizer 12 Volt, Energizer 12V, Energizer 23A, Saft L1028, Saft 8F10R, Saft 8LR23, Saft 8LR932, Sanyo RV08, Sanyo RVO8, Sony VA23GA, Varta V23GA, Varta VR22, Panasonic K23A, Casio CA20, GP GP23A, Duracell MN21

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