Sony Alpha

From a non player in the camera industry, Sony has come a long way to built up a strong reputation in the Sony Alpha DSLR series of digital cameras. The design of the Sony alpha dslr looks professional and comes with many choices of camera bodies and their wide range of interchangeable dslr lenses. Most Sony Alpha NEX comes with their standard zoom lenses ranging from18-55mm, 16-50mm, 24-70mm, 18-135mm to the super telephotographic zoom 55-210mm. Most of their models comes with flippable lcd screens for the convenience for those who wants to take their own photos or for group to view the lcd from the other side. Some Sony Alpha dslr comes with their standard lens like the 85mm F1.4. With over 40 choices of Sony dslr lenses to upgrade and their wide range of accessories, Sony Alpha Nex series of dslr camera are the choice of those who wants style, without compromising on quality.

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