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Battery Grips


What is a battery grip?

Battery grip, or often known as battery pack is an accessory for a DSLR which allows the camera to hold multiple batteries to extend the battery life of the camera. A battery grip may be dedicated to a specific camera only as there are difference in each camera model, especially the body design itself.

What are battery grips good for?

Apart from extending the life of your camera, one of the biggest selling factor of a battery grip is that it duplicates the main shutter button and some other controls. This enable the photographer to get more comfortable when shooting portrait with their camera in upright orientation. A lock for the secondary shutter release button is often fitted, to guard against accidental firing with the palm of your hand in landscape orientation shooting.
Battery grips are also useful for those with longer or heavier lenses. Using a weighty lens on a relatively light DSLR can cause balance issues and hasten shooting fatigue. However, some suggest the added weight of a battery grip can act as a counterbalance, making it easier to maintain a steady shot.

When to use battery grip?

A battery grip can double your shooting life before you need to swap cells, since you can practically shoot with capacity for two camera batteries, in addition to the existing battery in the camera combined with the battery inside the grip. Generally they are much more comfortable for portrait-oriented shooting, but cam also be use for landscape shooting as it makes the camera bigger and more natural to handle.

How to attach a battery grip to DSLR?

Battery grip attach to the underside of the camera, and secured using the threaded tripod socket. In some cases, a cover flap needs to be removed to enable connections. In others, a protruding upright section slots upwards into the battery chamber.

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