Canon Ixus

With Canon Ixus series of digital compact cameras, you can snap photos whereever you go in a sleek, compact and with a high capability for delivering stunning photographs that will ensure that you precious moments can be properly captured. Canon Ixus's creativity and innovation in its DIGIC processors not only produces stellar quality photographs, but also allow you to navigate and take photographs easier than ever! One of the key feature that is worth mentioning here is that Canon Ixus auto-mode can switch between scenes to give you the optimal photograph such as landscape scene, macro scene, portrait scene and shade scene. You can also choose from these wide range of creative scenes in the Canon Ixus by navigating switching from Auto mode to Program mode (P). If you are thinking of purchasing a Canon Ixus digital compact camera, then look no further. At FotoZZoom, we sell only 100% original products sourced directly from Canon Malaysia which allows you visit us and the nearest Canon Service center to you where you will receive all the post-sale services. That's what you get from Canon products supplied by Canon Malaysia with Canon Malaysian Warranty! 

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