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Casio EXILIM FR10 14mp, Bluetooth Selfie, Touch LCD 2", WIFI Waterproof Action & Sports Camera (White) Free 8GB

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In The Box

Casio EXILIM FR10 14mp, Bluetooth Selfie, Touch LCD 2", WIFI
Casio Controller(EX-FR10CT)
Casio Hinge Unit
Casio Lens hood
Casio Tripod nut
Casio Neck strap
Casio Carabiner Strap
Casio USB-AC Adaptor(AD-C53U)
Casio Micro USB Cable
Casio AC Power Cord
Casio Basic Reference
Casio Tripod mounter
Casio Multi angle clip
Casio Multi angle belt set
Free 8BG Memory Card

Product Features


Casio EXILIM FR10 14mp, Bluetooth Selfie, Touch LCD 2", WIFI Waterproof Action & Sports Camera 






  • 14.0 MegapixelsSingle focus lens2.0nch Super Clear LCDWide-angle Lens 21mm*1Battery Life Approx. 255 still images*2Movie Full HD
  • *1 Converted to 35 mm film format.  *2 Based on CIPA standards.

NEW [ Shoot ] When you’re free to shoot the way you want, the fun stuff is much more enjoyable

Separating the lens from the controller so you can take selfies, group shots, back shots, and more, and create fun times. Bluetooth® handles communications between the camera unit and the controller unit. This makes taking pictures a smooth process.

Separate the camera unit and shoot from any angle
Separate the camera unit and shoot from
any angle
Take pictures remotely while checking the images on the controller unit
Take pictures remotely while checking the
images on the controller unit
Use attachments to take pictures while you enjoy other activities
Use attachments to take pictures while you
enjoy other activities

Interval shooting is handy for hands-free shooting and taking pictures while you’re doing something else

Interval Shooting 
Interval Shooting

Automatically take snapshots or movies at fixed intervals. Choose the shooting interval and mode to suit the photographic situation, and you can take pictures while riding a bike, hiking, or other times when you have your hands full.

NEW [ View ] Distill your fun times on the spot. The fun turns into content

The camera chooses recommended images as Highlight Photos and Highlight Movies from among your shots. The FR10 generates content automatically, with no need for a computer.

[ Highlight Photo ]
The camera automatically chooses recommended images from among your snapshots. Content is created simply in a collage style.

[ Highlight Movie ]
A movie is automatically generated from the snapshots and movies you shot. You can look back on good times in digest form.

NEW [ Share ] It’s simple to share interesting content. The fun spreads to everyone

It’s easy to use Wi-Fi to transfer the generated Highlight Photo and Highlight Movie content to a tablet or smartphone. You can share the content on the spot.


If you install the EXILIM Link app on your smartphone or tablet, you can enjoy looking at your pictures on those devices, and quickly upload the content you created so easily on the FR10 to your favorite networks. You can share the coolest moments of the whole day, from right where they happened.

* The EXILIM Link app must be installed on your smartphone or tablet.

OSs which support EXILIM Link

Check OS versions compatible with the app on Google Play or the App Store.

* App functions and operating environments may be altered without prior notice.

* The app may not function on some smartphone models.

· “The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Logo is a certification mark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.” should be used in addition to the appropriate notice symbol to indicate that the Wi-Fi Alliance owns the Logo.

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· Google PLAY is a trademark of Google Inc.

· Android is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

· Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

All images shown here are simulations for explanatory purposes only.

Actual images may appear different from those shown here. Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Body Design, Main Parts


When we first heard of the Casio Exilim EX-FR10 (henceforth known simply as FR10), the initial thought that came to mind was “action camera”. And we weren’t the only ones too, with the exception of Casio themselves. In fact, they’re adamant that it’s not. The FR10 can be called many things, and we've been told it’s a freestyle camera, an outdoors camera; it’s for active people, for families, for fun picnics, for selfies, for all those hard to reach places…but it’s not an action camera. Not in the GoPro sense anyway.

You see, the GoPro and most action cams focus mostly on video. They’re meant to be strapped on and forgotten about as you go about accomplishing your death defying stunts. The Casio FR10 can be used the same way as a GoPro—it comes bundled with a range of straps and mounts—but it is supposed to be a camera first. Casio also points out that its versatility in shooting options open up many more possibilities. Here's how they envision the FR10 being used.

The FR10 in selfie mode. If you've taken a selfie with a smartphone before, you'll know what to do.


Here's something a little more interesting; using the FR10 as a live view mirror to make sure you've tucked in every stray strand.


If you're into sports, the FR10 comes with many accessories to let you strap, buckle and clip it into just about anywhere you want.


Such as the shoulder strap of your backpack.


Or on your bike.


Why take a boring group photo with your camera on the table when you can hang it on a tree and shoot from a really unique angle? 

To prove their point, Casio invited us to Japan to try out the FR10 ourselves in a day filled with yukatas, oyakodon and a rickshaw ride around Tokyo’s Nihonbashi district. But before that, let’s take a closer look at the FR10 itself and how it feels in the hand.

At first glance, the FR10 may seem a little bulky, but it actually fits snugly in the hand. Notice that both the lens and LCD controller have physical power, shutter and record buttons. They are essentially separate devices and the lens unit can operate even without the LCD controller.


Snap the lens unit to the front, and you're ready for selfie time.


The main selling point of the FR10 is its detachable modular design, giving it better control and more flexibility than either the GoPro or Sony's similar QX10 lens camera.


The lens unit is connected to the LCD controller via this metal clip. When detached, it comes in handy to help place or position the lens. You can also attach it to a tripod via screw adapters if you so wish.


You can even detach the clip portion if you just want the bring the lens around or use your own harness the secure the lens.

We started the day at a kimono school experiencing the intricacies of putting on a yukata (or summer kimono, a more casual version of the formal kimono outfit). While waiting for the rest of the group to get suited up, I got the chance to tinker with the FR10 a little bit more. When used in its standard and selfie modes, the FR10 feels like a little toy camera with its 2-inch screen. What's immediately apparent is the quality of the resolution. It could be due to the fact that the units we got to play with were still pre-production, but the display felt fuzzy. You get a general idea of what you're shooting, but not for proper framing. It will also not be indicative of true image quality of your shots. Its great for close-ups and selfies, but not wide or landscape shooting. However, it wouldn't actually matter in those situations...more on that later.

Stepping into kimono school. Notice the shadows are rather noisy and focus is soft.


The camera's menu system is touch enabled and easy enough to navigate. Menu options appear as square icons that ring the screen; depending on the mode you're in - shooting or preview - different set of options will be presented. The experience was reminiscent of old Symbian 60 Nokia phones. As expected, shooting modes are rudimentary since the FR10 is designed to be an automatic point and shoot. You it has a fixed focus, fixed aperture lens; you can't even change ISO settings. Casio wants you to capture everyday candid moments, not busy messing around with settings. It can be a little disconcerting at first to have almost zero control. Even smartphone cameras these days offer some amount of manual input, but trust us, the feeling soon disappears.

Menu options ring the display and offer different buttons depending on the mode or sub-menu you're in.


What I found weird was the inclusion of filters, which were neither here nor there. The choices are very limited and was a hassle to change when on the move, more so since half the time you're not actually looking at the display when shooting with the FR10, so you wouldn't actually want to apply filters to your raw shots. It would have been better to leave the function out completely as you can easily transfer the images over to a smartphone via Wi-fi to edit or apply filters with your favorite app. Considering the FR10 is lumped into the same category as their TR series of selfie cameras, there is also a Beauty Mode.

You've got very basic filters like Toy mode, Sepia and Black & White, but we'd rather keep that portion for smartphone post-processing. Perhaps Casio can built-it into their Exilim Link tool instead of the camera itself.


After fiddling with the camera and some accessories, I decided to just wear it on a lanyard and set it to Interval Mode. Interval Mode is basically hands-free automatic shooting at set intervals. There are options to shoot only stills or stills and movies. When set to the later, the FR10 will periodically shoot short five second clips along with still photos. At present, the only intervals that can be chosen are: 15 seconds, 2 minutes and 5 minutes. A little restrictive yes, and we mentioned this to Casio too. Hopefully, the final version will have better interval spacing.

Once we donned our yukatas, we set out on foot to the famous Tamahide restaurant for their signature oyakodon (a chicken and egg rice dish) The FR10 uses a similar 21mm wide angle lens as Casio's popular TR series cameras, though its BSI CMOS sensor has a slight bump to 14-megapixels. Outdoor image quality is decent and not too overly saturated, but has a tendency for brighter areas to be overblown. We also noticed that indoor shots are grainy even though there's sufficient lighting. These characteristics could be due to aggressive ISO scaling.

The FR10 needs bright, evenly lit environments to work, and in its current form, doesn't do dim areas too well.


Colors are ok, bright and punchy without being overly saturated, but indoor shots still show a little more noise than expected.


Up till now, I've been using and comparing the FR10 to a standard camera, but the FR10 really came into its element when we went on the next stage of the tour, which was the rickshaw ride through town. Since I was practically immobile on the rickshaw, I started to fiddle with the camera again. Interval mode and its modular nature allowed me to easily detach the lens unit from the LCD controller and swing it all over the place for shots that wouldn't have been possible with any standard camera or even a smartphone in a similar situation. If you wanted control, you can easily switch it back to manual mode and have live view again through the LCD controller.

Out in the streets, the FR10 excels as a fun little camera. Leave it on interval and forget about it. Whenever you feel like it, you can quickly detach the lens for random shots at just about anything.


The beauty of using the FR10 is that you don't try to plan these shots. Just clip or strap the lens unit somewhere and you can still view the action from the LCD controller. Or just leave it to do its thing for a few minutes in interval mode.


Here are some parting performance observations:

  • The lens and LCD controller talk to each other using Bluetooth 2.1 EDR not just for remote control, but it also has to pass images for the LCDs live view. If the connection quality is low, you will still be able to control the lens unit, but you will experience live view freezing on you. The good news is that you don't really need the LCD controller, as there are physical shutter and record buttons on the lens unit as well. As the SD card is stored on the lens unit, you can theoretically just take the lens out to shoot.
  • Since both lens and LCD controller are separate devices, they each have their own batteries and must be charged separately. According to Casio, the LCD controller has a much larger battery capacity and unless you forgot to charge, it should always outlast the lens unit.
  • You can actually use your smartphone to connect and control the lens unit. This is achieved using the free Exilim Link app on iOS and Android. Note that the connection with your smartphone is done via Wi-fi instead of Bluetooth as the app also doubles up as a file manager for your photos and videos. I did not get the chance to test out this function though because the app wasn't ready yet at the time of our tour.
  • As an active camera, the FR10 does have some kind of image stabilization, though Casio wasn't explicit in explaining this. From the images retrieved, I was quite surprised that I got more usable shots than not. It isn't able to compensate sharp motions, such as the jerking from bouncing on the lanyard around my neck and chest as I walked around, but it held up well against the light swinging motion from when I dangled the camera to the side of the rickshaw.
  • Interval mode is great, but I found that there were times I specifically wanted to shoot something and there was no way to do it without having to first disable Interval mode from the LCD controller menu. Perhaps a hardware button to start/stop Interval mode after you've made all your settings or the ability to manually override it and shoot between intervals would be great.

This shot was taken with the FR10 hanging on a lanyard from my neck.


Here, I left the FR10 hanging on a stick between the wheels. The sharpness of the resulting pictures were quite surprising.


Here's one of those times when I wished I could quickly get out of interval mode or at least override it to manually snap a shot without having to access the controller menu.


The FR10 features built-in gyro sensors that both help image stabilization and orientation. However, it seems that sometimes it can get confused if you're waving the lens unit around trying some achieve some weird angle kung fu.


All photos in this section were shot with the FR10. They have been resized to fit, but otherwise left untouched from the original quality.


Casio Releases EXILIM “Split Camera” That Enables All-New Ways of Shooting Photos


Remote system creates new shooting styles

  • ♦ Detach and dock at the press of a button
    Although the camera is made up of two separate units—the camera unit and controller—Casio designed it to look like a single unit. Nevertheless, the camera unit can be detached and docked at the press of a button.
  • ♦ Three different ways to shoot for maximum flexibility
    · Split style
    With one of several attachments, users can easily fix the camera anywhere they like and then shoot remotely with the controller. Casio has equipped the camera with an interval shooting function for enabling hands-free shooting of photos or videos. Users can also take shots without the controller by using the shutter button on the camera unit.
    · Self-portrait style
    Dock the camera unit to take effortless self-portraits with the lens and LCD facing in the same direction and the camera held upright.
    · Conventional camera style
    Fold the camera unit when taking photos in self-portrait style. This enables photos to be shot like on a conventional camera.
Split style
Split style
Conventional camera style
Conventional camera style
  • ♦ Shoot in a variety of situations
    Once the camera unit and controller are turned on, the Bluetooth® connection is established and the user can immediately begin shooting. Both the camera unit and controller body feature a splash-proof and dustproof construction, and can withstand dropping from a height of up to 2.0 meters.

Take self-portraits or group shots—all with one camera

  • ♦ Self-portraits
    By setting up the camera for self-portrait style shooting and using the Make-up mode, the user can enhance his or her appearance.
  • ♦ Group shots
    By detaching the camera unit and setting it to face the subject, the user can take group shots including him or herself using the controller.

Shoot in a variety of situations

When the controller is detached, the user can simply prop the camera unit up on its hinge. Users can shoot a wide range of situations using the strap that comes with the camera and attachments that can easily be fitted and removed.

  • ♦ Straps and nut
    The camera comes with the Neck Strap for comfortably wearing the camera unit or controller around the neck, and the Carabiner Strap for clipping the controller to a convenient place. The Tripod Nut attaches to commercially-available tripods.
Neck Strap
Neck Strap
Carabiner Strap
Carabiner Strap
Tripod Nut
Tripod Nut
  • ♦ Attachments
    The EX-FR10 comes also with several attachments made for a variety of shooting situations. The Multi-angle Clip can be used to attach the camera unit to a backpack or other point and turns 360 degrees. The Multi-angle Belt Set can be used to strap the camera unit to your wrist or head and turns 360 degrees. The Tripod Mounter can be used to attach the camera unit or the controller to a standard adaptor that accepts a tripod screw.
Multi-angle Clip
Multi-angle Clip
Multi-angle Belt Set
Multi-angle Belt Set
Tripod Mounter
Tripod Mounter

Have Fun Sharing Photos and Movies

  • ♦ Images can be sent effortlessly via Wi-Fi to a smartphone or tablet
  • ♦ Fun times can be captured in condensed versions with Highlight Photo and Highlight Movie
    · Highlight Photo lets users see a day’s photos in a single collage
    With the Highlight Photo function, users can produce a single image of a day’s highlights just by specifying the shooting date and layout. The camera automatically selects recommended still images and saves them as a single photo collage. Users can choose from 10 different options featuring with different photo sizes, placement, and total number in the collage. Automatically selected photos can be changed with an easy operation, and favorite photos can be given priority.
    · Highlight Movie lets users watch their videos in a single clip
    With the Highlight Movie function, users can produce a single short video of a day’s shooting, complete with automatically added video effects, just by specifying the shooting date. The camera automatically selects recommended video clips and still images. Users can choose from four types of background music, and specify three different lengths of the video to suit the situation.






Product Specification


Casio EXILIM FR10 14mp, Bluetooth Selfie, Touch LCD 2", WIFI 



Number of Effective Pixels
Approx. 14.0 megapixels
Image Sensor
1/2.3-inch CMOS(back-illuminated type)
Total Pixels:16.76 megapixels(/million)
File Format
Still images:JPEG(Exif Ver. 2.3 / DCF2.0)
Movies:MOV format, H.264/AVC, IMA-ADPCM(monaural)
Built-in Flash Memory 
(Image Area)
65.9MB* built-in flash memory
* Built-in memory capacity after formatting.
Recording Media
microSD Memory Card, microSDHC Memory Card, microSDXC Memory Card compatible
Number of Recorded Pixels
Still images:14M(4320 x 3240) 16:9(4320 x 2432) 5M(2560 x 1920)
Movies:Full HD(1920 x 1080)
Recording Capacity 
(Maximum Size)
Still Images:micro SD Memory Card*:Approx. 3199 Shots
Movies:Maximum Movie File Size:4GB
Maximum Movie Length:29 minutes.
* When using SanDisk Corpotation 16GB microSDHC Memory Card.
Focal Length:f=3.8mm
(Approx. 21mm equivalent to 35mm film)
Zoom Ratio
4x digital zoom
Focus Type:Contrast Detection Auto Focus
Focus Mode:Auto Focus
AF Area:Intelligent, Multi
Focus Range 
(From Lens Surface)
Auto focus:Approx. 10 cm - Infinity
Exposur Control:Program AE
Exposure Compensation:-2EV to +2EV (in 1/3EV steps)
Shutter Type
CMOS electronic shutter
White Balance
Auto WB / Outdoor / Indoor
Still Images:Auto
Wireless data transfer
♦ Bluetooth
  • Version:Bluetooth ver2.1+EDR
  • Output Class:Class 2
♦ Wi-Fi
Standard:IEEE 802.11b/g/n

♦ Bluetooth
  • Version:Bluetooth ver2.1+EDR
  • Output Class:Class 2
Other Recording Functions
Snapshot:Premium Auto mode, Interval Shot, ART SHOT, Touch Shutter, Wi-Fi Remote Capture, Face Detection, Makeup
Movie(Full HD):Premium Auto mode, Interval Shot, Wi-Fi Remote Capture

Camera and Controller Separate System
【Camera】Auto Rotate(Shooting), USB Charging, USB Powered operation
【Controller】Auto Rotate(Viewing), Mirror Display, Flick Start, Vibrator, USB Charging, USB Powered operation

Highlight Movie, Highlight Photo, Highlight Score, Multi-image Screen, Playback Zoom, Rotate, Wi-Fi function(View on phone(tablet) / Send to phone(tablet), Change SSID and password)
5 seconds
* Depending on the wireless conditions and environment.
Monitor Screen
【Controller】2.0-inch TFT color LCD, 230,400 dots, Capacitance touch panel
Timekeeping Functions
Date and Time:Recorded with image data
Auto Calendar:To 2049
External Connection Terminals
【Camera】Micro USB port(Hi-Speed USB compliance, USB Charging / USB powered operation)
【Controller】Micro USB port(USB Charging / USB powered operation)
Power Requirements
【Controller】Rechargeable lithium ion battery(internal)
【Camera】Rechargeable lithium ion battery(internal)
Battery Life
Number of Shots*1:Approx. 255 Shots
Actual Movie Recording Time:Approx 1 hours 05 minutes*1
Continuous Movie Recording Time:Approx. 1 hours 15 minutes
Continuous Playback(Still Images)*2:Approx. 4 hours 05 minutes
*1 In accordance with CIPA(Camera and Imaging Products Association) standards
*2 One-image scroll approximately every 10 seconds

Not a guarantee of battery life during actual use.
【Camera】60.9(DIA) mm x 28.8(D) mm
* excluding Hinge Unit
【Controller】 49.7(W) x 84.2(H) x 18.9(D) mm
【Total Length】 60.9(W) x 153.1(H) x 34.2(D) mm
* connecting Camera and Controller
* including Hinge Unit
【Camera】Approximately 63g
* excluding Hinge Unit, including Memory Card
【Controller】Approximately 80g
【Total Weight】Approximately 175g
* connecting Camera and Controller
* including Hinge Unit
Bundled Accessories
Hinge Unit
Lens hood
Tripod nut
Neck strap
Carabiner Strap
USB-AC Adaptor(AD-C53U)
Micro USB Cable
AC Power Cord
Basic Reference
Tripod mounter
Multi angle clip
Multi angle belt set



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