Photo Captured with Casio Cameras

Casio has long been a market leader in producing top quality, high speed cameras with enhanced image resolution, effective pixels, and over all super productivity.

FotoZZom shows you the benefits to owning a Casio high speed camera. Here is a look at what Casio cameras can do.

Image stability

With a lens that captures around 16.1 megapixels/million, Casio EX-ZR1200 comes with built in flash memory of 48.9 MB. Casio ZR1200 camera works incredibly well for still as well as movie pictures.


The Casio ZR1200, a hand held device offers exceptional picture clarity. Ideal for indoor shot, this camera offers great color clarity, specially at shutter speed 1/80, with image sensitivity at ISO80 and aperture at F3.2 and focal length at 25mm.

Precision images

Casio Exilim EX-F1 is a camera you should opt for to achieve high defined image clarity. An award winner in terms of design and functionality, the Casio EX-F1 takes up to 60 shots per second, allowing you to capture the most precise moments.


Swivel and click

Incredibly easy to use, especially for all of your daily selfie profile updates, with the Casio TR35 model with swivel camera, you can be your own professional photographer. Make group pictures all the more fun. This turn around camera delivers clear and still images especially when photographing oneself. Casio TR35 makes pictures easy for the novice with it is incredibly handy frame and swivel super clear 3 inch LCD screen.


Crisp and clear

No matter what weather conditions or natural light balance, Casio’s hottest invention in the EX-100 has made delicate nuances of photography as easy as pie for beginners.

Uncomplicated controls in combination with image stabilizers as well as inbuilt focus, aperture, saturation and exposure modulators deliver the best possible image with every click.

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