Canvas Print Decoration Stand


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Display your canvas prints with a decoration stand that is designed with an elegant touch that fits almost anywhere in your home.

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Canvas Prints Decoration Stand

Enjoy beautifully made decoration stands made of high quality beech wood, finished with a reddish hue alongside with a foldable function to make your canvas print decoration easel stand nicely compact, easily movable and works conveniently to give your friends and family a complete set of personalised gifts. At FotoZZoom, display stands come in two types, one for smaller canvas prints that work wonders as a table top décor and one for the big canvas prints that makes your beautiful memories stand out as a great home décor in places such as your living room, bedroom and it works great as a hall way décor.

Decoration Stand Types and Sizes

Table Top Canvas Print Decoration Easel Stand.

Beech Wood Canvas Table Top Display Stand

Height: 95cm (3 feet)

Width: 34cm (1 foot)

Max Fit Height: 68cm (2'2" feet)


Premium Compact Foldable Canvas Print Decoration Stand.

Premium Compact Canvas Decoration Display Stand.

Height: 180cm (6 feet)

Width: 50cm (1'7" foot)

Max Fit Height: 110cm (3'7" feet)

Price: RM325

*Prices stated above are the prices for the canvas display stand only and has to be added on top of the regular canvas print prices at checkout.