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24 x 18 Canvas Print RM369 RM225
30 x 20 Canvas Print RM489 RM375
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Bulk Orders & Office Wall Art Solutions 

Are you looking to decorate your restaurant or corporate office into a business that reflects what your business is all about? You came to the right place! We offer office wall art solutions that will make your office be truly one of a kind and unique just like your business! An amazing office will always impress your guests, and happy guests means a greater chance of closing that sweet deal!

Maybe what you have in mind is to make a bulk order of canvas prints, no problem! If you would like to print more than 5 units of canvas prints, we can offer you an awesome bulk order deal!

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Features & Highlights

Canvas hand fitted onto sturdy wooden frame.

380 gsm Art Canvas that is 100% Cotton Made.

Hahnemuhle Finearts finished for added durabilility.

Page margins fully printed and utilised.

HP inks produce natural-skin tone colours.

Add texts, quirky fonts and fully customise.

What Are Canvas Prints

What are canvas prints? Canvas prints are photo prints that are printed on a nice printing quality canvas instead of regular photographic paper. More often than not, canvas prints or some call it photo canvas brings a whole new perspective to your beautiful memories. Amongst the many options of photo-related home decor that exists today, canvas photos still remain the most popular! It must have something to do with how canvas photos can easily just fit in anyone's home, introducing a whole new spectrum of colours that brings warmth and life to your home. Imagine coming home from a day's work in the office, looking at the wide variety of memory colours of your happiest moments, it will certainly brighten up your day regardless of the day you had in the office.

Every time when you think of a person's birthday, the first question that pops into mind is "What should I get as gift?" We are spoilt with gift-related options today and figuring out a gift that is truly memorable can be quite the crack in the head. Making a photo canvas as a birthday gift for your friend will definitely be the best gift ever! Why? Firstly, it is personal; Secondly, your friend will be completely surprised; and Lastly, it is a gift that will only reflect how much of effort you have put into thinking of a memorable gift for your friend. If it is your old friend whom you do not see very often, your friend will always be reminded of the good times both of you had, throwing your friend right back to the day when the both of you first met!

Once you give a try at printing your photos with our FotoZZoom's canvas printing Malaysia, we are almost certain that you will always prefer to decorate your home with it and also make your personalised gifts with it too! You might actually be addicted to it also! Start your canvas prints now by downloading our free software, StoryPad, that allows you to print any photo products with us. Our user-friendly software is made to allow you to make canvas prints easy, it is a complete no brainer. The wide variety of photo editing tools available allows you to make you canvas prints a master piece! Simply select the size of a canvas print you want, select photo(s) you want and get creative and just upload your project to our system once you are done. Our professionals will handle it from here, from receiving your project to delivery to your home. Just sit back, relax and await your master piece to arrive at your door steps. Happy Canvas -ing!

Printing photos on canvas has never been easier at FotoZZoom, with StoryPad you can enjoy over 100,000 canvas printing customisations from cropping, enlarging, leaving tiny texts, add photo frames and etc. FotoZZoom offers photo print on canvas services that promises supreme photo canvas quality with super affordable prices. Archival grade, or simply known as museum grade canvas prints by a few, are print on canvas that lasts truly for a life time. At FotoZZoom, our museum grade photo canvases come with a 100 year quality guarantee! For the first time ever, you can enjoy canvas printing murah with stellar quality finishings with a lifetime quality guarantee.

Thanks to the internet and our total no brainer photo canvas editing software, StoryPad, you can order your canvas prints from anywhere around Malaysia. It does not matter if you are ordering from bustling cities like Penang, Johor Bahru, & KL to quieter towns like Kuantan, Kota Bahru and & Sibu, you order it, FotoZZoom will deliver it. All we want to do is to bring your beautiful memories to life and above all to make it truly last for a life time. If you are a photographer, FotoZZoom's canvas printing Malaysia services just makes things so much easier! You can enjoy preparing canvas prints for your clients while you are overseas and have them ready and delivered to your office when you come back. How cool is that?

Home Decoration Canvas Prints

Decoration is not finished without décor

Decorations are like fashion, everyone has their own style and tastes. A house will only be a home with the furnishings of its space, creating a warm welcome where your friends and family can enjoy their time coming together with you during festive seasons or maybe for you to enjoy your silent moments alone after a long day at work. There are hundreds or maybe even thousands of home decorating ideas and products to choose from, from abstract art pieces to colour quirky bookends, through artistic vases and basically anything in between those. It can be quite costly and time consuming.

Memory décor your home

Create personalised home decor with customisations that truly suit to your taste and style, giving you home decoration furnishings that not only look great but also meets the mark of a modern Malaysian living. Using fancy art pieces and vases may not give you the warmth of a home, but with memories hanging nicely on the walls of your home? Definitely!

There is this thing about photos that just blends seamlessly into any home decorating schemes, from contemporary to coastal, shabby chic to retro, your memories will fit into any of them, offering you an economical, customisable and quick home decorating fix.

When it comes to home design, decoration is an essential element so we have tailored a collection of home decor worthy canvas prints that blankets a wide range of home decorating styles, presenting you with canvas prints that are style agile. We are home to an array of photo printing products that can serve a wide range of home decorating ideas, be impressed with the spectrum of memorable lights, giving you a home that is worthy of its name.