Photo Captured with Canon Powershot Cameras

Easily one of the most comprehensive series of cameras, the delightful offerings in Canon PowerShot Cameras are made to fit every type of camera owner. Select the model for you based on original photo samples from some of the best PowerShot cameras available today, at Malaysia’s online store, FotoZZoom.

Photograph nature with ease

Capturing an image in natural light can be tricky with any regular device. The intelligence of Canon PowerShot cameras makes nature photography a delightful hobby with the ease and compactness and excellence found in the G series. Vivid natural colors are enhanced and complemented well with the ability to shoot extremely well with reduced noise in low light.


Preserve natural rich colors

Images captured by the S series of Canon PowerShot cameras. These lightweight, compact and portable devices boast of excellent image clarity, easy to maneuver controls, which deliver incredibly high speed AF that maintains the subtle nuances of low light.


Capture the moments in action

With the SX series of Canon PowerShot cameras you can capture the most elusive moments right at your fingertips. Delivering spectacular images with every shot, the image below was taken by a SX50 HS. Ensuring you encapsulate the most beautiful image possible with built in software that works at keeping the subject centered.


Shoot in style

A creative force, the ELPH series of Canon PowerShot cameras is perfect combination of function and style. Elegantly slim, the ELPH series delivers ready to capture image quality that brings about fun and creative artistic photos. Added benefits of Hybrid Auto as well as Smart AUTO settings, along with creative shot mode help you transform everyday life into excitingly unique situations.


Add dimension and depth

Recent additions in the N series of Canon PowerShot cameras have introduced several new dimensions to expression of personal interests and style. Innovative tilt-able touch screen offers numerous perspectives of shots unthought-of. HS system provides amazing picture clarity even in low light. Creative shot automatically creates five unique images every time you click a picture, creating optimum capacity for versatile expression.

FotoZZoom provides a one stop resolution for all possible photography and print solutions.