History of Canon Powershot Camera

Over the centuries, industrial and digital invention magnate, Canon Inc., has been creating advanced, high-end devises that enable focused clarity and defined image capture. In an attempt to introduce photo aficionados to the inception of their treasured digital camera, FotoZZoom presents a short but insightful history to Canon Powershot Cameras.

Birth of Canon Powershot cameras

For decades, Conon had their team of inventors working hard towards producing cameras that were more compact in size, weight and body, coupled with advancements in lens technology. The late 1900’s brought along the highly awaited transition from analog to digital cameras.

Long in the work and development of professional and business cameras, Canon saw several innovations along with their invention in the New Advanced Photo System and ‘IXY’. 1996 was a stepping stone in to the future of digital imaging for Canon as well as general public at hand with the release of the first ever still video recorder in the Canon Powershot 600.

Digital trumps analog

The slow and sure death of film as medium of capture was embraced by folk the world over. More compact and better efficient, the first Canon Powershot camera used a PC or CF card to record images captured. With simultaneous advancements in computers along with sophisticated tele-communication availabilities, digital cameras began playing an essential role in most acquired peripheral devices.

Power to the people

Compact and novice photographer friendly, Canon Powershot Cameras were released in the market by mid and late 1998. General users interested in creative photography found great resources in Powershot Pro70, as well as the first compact digital cameras introduced to mass public in the Powershot A5. These nifty devices with inbuilt special features like imaging sensor, aperture priority, along with being Charge Coupled Devices (CCD), gave beginner creative photographers the ability to play with image and create unique image styles.

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