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Canon LEGRIA HF G30 Full HD WIFI Camcorder(PAL) (Black)

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In The Box

Canon LEGRIA HF G30 Full HD WIFI Camcorder
BP-820 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (1780mAh)
CA-570 Compact AC Power Adapter
WL-D89 Wireless Controller
STV-250N Stereo Video Cable
HTC-100/S Mini HDMI Cable
IFC-300PCU USB Interface Cable
Lens Hood (with Lens Barrier)
PIXELA Data Import Utility Disc (Bundled CD-Rom)
Photo Applications / Audio Disc (Bundled CD-Rom)
Register Online Canon Malaysia 1 Year Warranty

Product Features



he Canon Legria HF G30 Full HD Camcorder is a camcorder that shoots 1920 x 1080p Full HD video at 50 fps in either AVCHD or web-friendly MP4 format. It also supports 25p recording, which will give your footage a more cinematic look. The camcorder is designed to be compatible with the European/PAL broadcasting standard. You can use built-in Cinema-Looks Filters to enhance that "film" look as well. The HF G30 is equipped with a Genuine Canon 20x HD Video Lens with an 8-Blade Circular Aperture for more natural looking highlights. The lens provides a 26.8 - 576mm (35mm equivalent) focal length and a manual focus ring that can easily be set to control the zoom instead. The camera also provides a 2.91MP Canon HD CMOS Pro Image Sensor and DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor for wide dynamic range and improved low-light performance.

The HF G30 records directly to dual SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card slots. You can record to just one or both simultaneously using different formats. The dual card slots also support Relay Recording, which automatically switches video recording to the second memory card when the first one runs out of storage space. For steady shooting in a variety of conditions, the camera offers SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization with Dynamic Image Stabilization. This feature enables five-axis correction to correct camera shake throughout the full range of motion. For shot preview and image playback, the HF G30 is outfitted with a 3.5" OLED capacitive touch display and a 0.24" tiltable color LCD viewfinder.

The HF G30 also provides dual-band Wi-Fi technology that lets you share your videos quickly, using a variety of methods. You can use compatible wireless networks, wireless hotspots or iOS mobile devices to share footage. The free Canon Movie Uploader app is required for video sharing with an iOS mobile device. You can also use Wi-Fi to back up and quickly transfer files. Plus, Canon provides the free iMAGE GATEWAY online photo storage service for uploading footage to social networking sites.

Canon equipped the HF G30 with a number of professional shooting functions and advanced display features as well. Whether you require Focus Assist, Zebra Pattern, Color Bars, Test Tone or a range of composition aids, the HF G30 has the tools to help you shoot like a professional. Some of the camera's other features include Audio Scene Select, headphone and microphone jacks, HDMI connectivity and a Mini Advanced Accessory Shoe that supports attachment of a variety of shooting aids including lights and microphones.

Genuine Canon 20x HD Video Lens
The Legria HF G30 has a Genuine Canon 20x HD Video Lens that features a 35mm equivalent focal length of 26.8 - 576mm with a minimum object distance of just 23.6" (60cm). The lens uses aspheric lens technology to achieve low chromatic aberration and high resolution, while maintaining a compact form factor. Super spectra coating technology lowers flare and ghosting as well.
8-Blade Circular Aperture & Hybrid Focusing System
The Canon 20x HD Video Lens also features an 8-Blade Circular Aperture that reduces the "starburst" effect found in camcorders with non-circular apertures. The result is a more appealing circularly blurred background in the out-of-focus areas. This feature is bolstered by a manual focus ring, which allows precise control. For extra flexibility, the manual focus ring can be set to control zoom instead. In addition to manual focusing, the camera supports a Hybrid AF with Instant AF or Medium AF, Normal AF, Face Priority AF and Face Only AF.
AVCHD & MP4 Recording Formats
The Legria HF G30 supports AVCHD Progressive (AVCHD 2.0) recording 1920 x 1080 50p at 28 Mb/s. It also supports 1920 x 1080 50i and 25p at 24, 17, and 5 Mb/s. The camcorder also supports recording to the MP4 format, supporting 1920 x 1080 50p at 35 Mb/s, and 25p at 24, 17, 4, and 3 Mb/s at various frame sizes.
Slow-Motion & Fast-Motion Recording
The Legria HF G30 allows you to add a fast or slow motion effect to your captured video by letting you record in a different frame rate than the one you use for playback. You can speed up your video 100% or slow it down to 50% without any loss in image quality.
Built-in Dual-Band Wi-Fi
Built-in (5 or 2.4 GHz) dual-band Wi-Fi technology lets you share your HD video through compatible networks, wireless hotspots and iOS mobile devices using the free Canon Movie Uploader app. Transfer files to selected FTP servers for back up or when a quick transfer is necessary. Share videos over the Internet with Canon's free iMAGE GATEWAY online photo storage service as well. You can even watch videos stored on the camera's memory cards directly on your living room TV, or use your PC or mobile device to browse remotely through the previously recorded videos stored on your camcorder, without connecting a cable. The Remote Browse function uses a standard web browser and does not even require a special app.
Remote Operation Through Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi technology also allows for remote control of key camcorder controls, such as recording start/stop and zoom (in three different speeds), exposure functions (iris, shutter speed, gain and more) and focus settings.
LANC Control
The camcorder features a 2.5 mm stereo mini jack LANC port, under the HDMI out connector. This is an input for LANC control only.
Canon HD CMOS Pro Image Sensor
The Legria HF G30 is equipped with a 1/2.84" Full HD CMOS Pro Image Sensor. This sensor has larger pixels than 1/4" or smaller sensors, and the larger pixels allow the sensor to capture more photons per pixel, and thus be more light sensitive than the smaller sensors.
DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor
The Legria HF G30 incorporates Canon's high-definition DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor, which enables better low-light shooting with brighter, noise-free images even in dark scenes.
OLED 3.5" Capacitive Touch Display
The touch-sensitive Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) panel on the Legria HF G30 is a capacitive touch screen. It features 1,230,000 dots of resolution for a sharp image.
Tilt Electronic 0.24" Color LCD Viewfinder
The Legria HF G30 features a 0.24" color LCD electronic viewfinder with 100% field of view coverage and 1,560,000 dots of resolution. It can be tilted up to 45° from its normal resting position as well, which enables more shooting freedom. Settings can even be adjusted with a handy joystick so you don't have to stop looking through the viewfinder to change settings.
Dual SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card Slots with Relay Recording
The Legria HF G30 allows you to record video directly to widely available SD, SDHC and SDXC memory cards. They are available in ultra-fast reading and writing speeds that make it easy to share video. Plus, dual slots on the Legria HF G30 enable Relay Recording. This is when the camcorder automatically switches to the second memory card when the first one becomes full. Theoretically, this would allow you to keep swapping out cards and shooting forever without stopping. However, after 12 hours of continuous recording the camera will stop the recording.
Simultaneously Record in AVCHD & MP4 Formats
Using the power of the DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor, the Legria HF G30 camcorder can simultaneously record video in AVCHD format to one media card and MP4 format on the other media card. The widely used MP4 format provides quick, conversion-free playback on tablets and smartphones. The camcorder also has a built-in transcoding function that converts AVCHD files to MP4, or from MP4 to MP4 across memory media, making them easy to upload to the web or save to an SD card.
SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer with Dynamic Image Stabilization
Canon's SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer corrects camera shake instantly. The power of the DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor also supports an improved Dynamic Image Stabilization mode. In addition to providing continuous adjustment throughout the entire zoom range to correct a broad range of motion, with extra compensation applied at wide-angle focal lengths, the system also stabilizes rotational camera shake to ensure smoother, distortion-free video - even while walking and shooting.
High-Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery
The Legria HF G30 features intelligent battery technology that accurately indicates remaining battery time down to the minute.
Linear PCM Audio Recording
The Legria HF G30 supports pro-quality 16-bit LPCM audio recording for enhanced sound fidelity. This format is also fully compatible with both video-editing and audio-editing software. LPCM is supported only in 28 and 24Mbps recording modes.
Audio Scene Select
Audio Scene Select offers five modes that automatically optimize settings based on the recording situation. This makes it easy to record more realistic, immersive audio in a range of situations.
Focus Assist
To enhance focusing capability, the Legria HF G30 features Focus Assist. Normally found in professional cameras, this feature helps you to capture subjects in razor-sharp focus. It works by providing a 2x magnification of your subject, which is automatically cancelled when you start recording.
Zebra, Color Bars, Test Tone
The Legria HF G30 has a range of functions designed to pinpoint focus adjustment and exposure control for professional-level quality. The Zebra pattern indicates, "blown out" or high brightness areas to help you set proper exposure. Color Bars and Test Tone can be selected and recorded in order to adjust video and audio quality.
Composition Aids
With the integrated Level Marker feature, it's easy to keep the camcorder level for more accurate framing. There's also a Grid Marker that provides a reference grid in your viewfinder. The Grid Marker is also available in two different colors for better viewing contrast.
Versatile Mini Advanced Accessory Shoe
The integrated Mini Advanced Accessory Shoe allows you to attach optional Canon accessories, such as the VL-5 Video Light, VFL-2 Video Flash Light, DM-100 Directional Stereo Microphone, or SM-V1 5.1-Channel Surround Microphone. However, on the VFL-2, only the video light function is supported.
Video Snapshot
Video Snapshot allows you to record a series of short video clips - or select your favorite clips while in Playback Mode - and then blend in your favorite background music to create a movie with music. This feature also allows selectable recording time of 2, 4 or 8 seconds. In addition, audio from an external source such as an MP3 player can be played along with the Snapshot movie, and playback can be controlled from that source.
Cinema-Look Filters
The camera also has nine distinct built-in Cinema-Look Filters. These adjustable filters give your footage the look of a variety of cinematic styles by compensating for the color, gamma, and other aspects of the image's quality. The looks can even be previewed in the LCD display while shooting. The nine filter options include: Cinema Standard, Cool, Dramatic Black and White (B&W), Dream, Memory, Nostalgic, Old Movies, Sepia, and Vivid.
Programmed AE
The camera's Programmed AE exposure modes include: Smart Auto, P, Tv, Av, M (Manual exposure) and SCN (Portrait, Sports, Night, Snow, Beach, Sunset, Low Light, Spotlight, Fireworks). When using Cinema Mode, the camera supports P, Tv, Av, M exposure options.
Optional Canon WM-V1 Wireless Microphone
This Canon camcorder works with a range of accessories including Canon's WM-V1 Wireless Microphone, which streams audio wirelessly from subjects up to 164' (50m) away. It's ideal for when you're shooting talking subjects from far away. Plus, it can also be used as a stand-alone transceiver to cue shooting and more.

Product Specification



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Sensor 3.09 Megapixel 1/2.84"  CMOS
Color Filter RGB
Effective Pixels 2,910,000 @ Video 16:9
2,070,000 @ Photo 16:9
Focal Length 3.67 - 73.4 mm
35mm Equivalent Focal Length 26.8 - 576 without Dynamic IS
28.8 - 576 with Dynamic IS
Maximum Aperture f/ 1.8 - f/ 2.8
Zoom Optical: 20x (in HD)
Digital: 400x (in HD)
Filter Size 58 mm
System PAL
Recording Media SD/SDHC/SDXC Up To 128 GB Video/Image
Recording Time SD/SDHC/SDXC 128 GB
1920 x 1080 10 hr. 10 min., AVCHD 28Mbps
1920 x 1080 11hr. 55 min., AVCHD 24 Mbps
1920 x 1080 16hr. 45 min., AVCHD 17 Mbps
1440 x 1080 49 hr., 5 Mbps
1920 x 1080 8 hr., MP4 35 Mbps
1920 x 1080 11 hr. 55 min., MP4 24 Mbps
1920 x 1080 16hr. 45 min., MP4 17 Mbps
1280 x 720 69 hr., 30 min., MP4 4 Mbps
640 x 360 91 hr. 55 min., MP4 3 Mbps
Video Format High Definition
1920 x 1080p / 50 fps (28 Mbps)
1920 x 1080i / 50 fps (24 Mbps)
1920 x 1080p / 25 fps (24 Mbps)
High Definition
1920 x 1080i / 50 fps (17 Mbps)
1920 x 1080p / 25 fps (17 Mbps)
1920 x 1080i / 50 fps (5 Mbps)
High Definition
1920 x 1080p / 25 fps (5 Mbps)
High Definition
1920 x 1080p / 50 fps (35 Mbps)
1920 x 1080p / 25 fps (24 Mbps)
1920 x 1080p / 25 fps (17 Mbps)
High Definition
1280 x 720p / 25 fps (4 Mbps)
640 x 360p / 25 fps (3 Mbps)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Slow Motion Mode 50 fps recorded @ 1920 x 1080p
Still Image Resolution JPEG: 2.07 Megapixel, 1920 x 1080
JPEG: 9.216 Megapixel, 1280 x 720
JPEG: 2.304 Megapixel, 640 x 360
Channels 2.0-Channel Stereo
Audio Format AAC-LC
Dolby Digital 2ch
Display Type LCD
Touchscreen Yes
Screen Size 3.5"
Pixel Count 1,230,000
2nd Display
Display Type Viewfinder
Screen Size .24"
Pixel Count 1,560,000
Exposure Control
Shutter Speed 1/6-1/2000 sec
Image Stabilization Optical & Digital
Scene Modes Preset: Yes
Lux .1 (Low Light mode, Shutter speed 1.2)
1.0 (Programmed AE, Auto Slow shutter On, Shutter speed at 1/25)
White Balance Modes Auto
Fluorescent H
Creative Effects Yes
Built-in Mic Yes
Built-in Speaker Yes
Built-in Light/Flash Light - No
Flash - No
Wi-Fi Yes
Accessory Shoe 1x Cold
Tripod Mount 1/4" - 20
Input/Output Connectors
Inputs 1x LANC Terminal 2.5 mm stereo mini jack
1x 1/8" (3.5 mm) Stereo Input (Jack) Mic in
Outputs 1x HDMI C (Mini)
1x USB Mini-B
1x A/V 3.5mm four-pole mini jack
1x 1/8" (3.5 mm) Stereo Mini Headphone
Microphone Input Yes
Headphone Jack Yes
Languages Arabic
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
System Requirements Mac
  • OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8
  • Core 2 Duo Processor or greater
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1024 x 768 Pixel Resolution

  • XP (SP3)
    Vista (SP2)
  • Core 2 Duo Processor or greater
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1024 x 768 Pixel Resolution
Battery Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack, 7.4 VDC, 1700 mAh,
Providing up to 2.8 Hours per Charge
Charging Method AC Adapter
Charging Time 3.16 hours
Power Adapter 100-240 VAC, 50/60HZ
8.4 VDC
Power Consumption Recording:4.2 W
Operating Temperature 23 - 113°F (-5 - 45°C) 60% Relative Humidity
32 - 104°F (0 - 40°C) 85% Relative Humidity
Dimensions (WxHxD) 4.5 x 3.3 x 9.1" / 11.5 x 8.4 x 23.1 cm including lens hood
Weight 1.98 lb / 900 g with lens hood & battery
Packaging Info
Package Weight 4.6 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 10.7 x 7.9 x 7.4"

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