History of Canon IXUS Camera

Cannon has had a distinguished place in the art of photography for many years. Their innovations have however been most noticeable in the compacting of technology to fit into any pocket. The Ixus range is one such line of cameras that has been designed around the compact camera concept.  The revolutionary range called IXY or the Canon IXUS or the Power Shot, was released in the year 2000, and the era of compact cameras was born.

Design and useability

The compact IXY was a 2.1 Mp camera that was of the same dimensions as the original film-loaded IXUS. Credit card sized, flat front; it was sturdy, well made and easy to use. Making records of “that moment” was made easier than ever. The Canon IXUS camera was also the first to sport the Canon icons that we have come to use and love today. The only thing left for you to do is to go out and actually buy them and a great place to do so is FotoZZoom. With up to 39% off on select models in the online store, it is one of the best stocked camera stores with over 15 retail outlets in  Malaysia.

Most notable Canon IXUS cameras

Even though most IXUS cameras were exceptional in their own way, here are some of the milestone models.

  • IXY (1996) - The first of the lot, and among the earliest compact cameras to be successful world over.
  • Digital IXUS (2000) - The smallest digital camera at the time of its release. This model is commonly regarded as the usher of modern compact cameras.
  • IXUS Digital wireless (2005) - The first wireless LAN transmitted camera from Canon.

Canon has always been innovative and the brand has compromised neither on design, nor on features in its long history of digital photography. If you are looking for a good camera that would fit in your pocket, this could be the buy for you. Do remember to check out the FotoZZoom online store, Malaysia.