Comparison of Canon IXUS Camera

The Cannon IXUS camera or PowerShot ELPH range has various models, which can make it tough to determine which camera best suits your needs. Here's a comparison of the specifications offered by various models so you can make your choice. Also, FotoZZoom, online store Malaysia, offers authentic Canon IXUS cameras at lucrative discounts, so make sure you stop by! 

Cannon IXUS 255 HS 

This model has a 10 x zoom lens (focal length of 24-240mm), in-built Wi-Fi, 12.1 MP CMOS sensor and Cannon's DGIC 5 processor. The camera offers an intel- image stabilization(IS) feature, with various innovative shooting modules. The intelligent IS allows capturing crisp images even when competey zoomed or under low-lighting conditions. Its burst mode enables captures of 3MP at a frequency of 6.3 frames/sec, which is speedy and made for fast-paced captures.

Cannon IXUS 240 HS

The model has a 16.1 MP resolution, a 3.2-inch touch and 5-x zooming capabilities that is equivalent to about 24-120mm. The CMOS sensor improves the light reception of the sensor and keeps noise levels at a bare minimum. The focal length makes it suitable for capturing landscape environments and building interiors. The telephoto reach enables portrait captures or ones that ask for careful detailing.

Cannon IXUS 140

This model offers a 16 MP resolution only with a CCD, and a DIGIC 4 processor, due to which it may not suit low-lighted shooting frames as much. With a 8x optical zoom, it provides a 28-224mm zoom range and intel-image stabilization, with a 3-inch LCD. Despite having a good resolution without the HS (high sensitivity) features, the camera disappoints with a sensitivity that stands at ISO 1600 at the maximum.

The Cannon IXUS 255 HS and Cannon IXUS 240 HS clearly outdo Cannon IXUS 140 in the race!

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