Photo Captured with Canon Flash

Intricate use of flash in photography can bring life to otherwise dull pictures, or even save images that appear useless before applying the advantages of Canon flash.

FotoZZoom brings you the ever expanding world of Canon speedlite flashes as seen in photographs taken with the addition of such masterful aids.

Canon Speedlite 270EX II

Versatile, powerful, compact, lightweight and diminutive in size, this power packed Canon Speedlite 270EX II DSLR flash holds guide number of 27 m and ISO100 that enables long range flash photography. Combined with variable angle coverage, this nifty Canon Speedlite flash can be remotely triggered, allowing clear captures.


Canon Speedlite 320EX

Canon Speedlite flash, Speedlite 320EX sports an LED light in the front to light nearby subjects. Ideal for dark situations or shooting video, its wireless slave technology combined with guide number 32 m, ISO 100, bounce and swivel head has 50mm zoom settings.


Canon Speedlite 90EX

This Canon DSLR flash is incredibly compact, of pocket design, delivers brilliantly lit portraits and everyday indoor shots. With creative lighting effects this handy Canon speedlite flash enables creative lighting effects. Get discreet and candid shots with a Speedlite 90EX.


Canon Speedlite 430EX II

Highly powerful and incredibly versatile, Canon Speedlite flash 430EX II model features E-TTL II flash metering, combined with 24-105mm zoom head and 14mm diffuser. Enabled with guide number of 43 along with remote flash usability and 180o swivel head, this Canon DSLR flash is an advanced AF assist beam.


Canon 600EX-RT

The latest release in Canon Speedilite flashes, the 600EX-RT is an incredible photo enhancer. Built with radio triggering range of 30m, integrated optical slave, guide number 60, bounce and swivel control up to 200mm zoom, in addition to auto white balance correct filters, this Canon DSLR flash was designed with professional photography in mind.

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