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Business Cards


Name Card Printing Malaysia, Best Price, Fast Delivery!

Want To Have Business Cards That Truly Reflect Your Identity?

Then, designing your own business card might be the best choice for you! A business card identifies a person in connection with his or her business. So, why not design a stand out business card to make it memorable to others?

Personalized business cards are fun and easy to make with FotoZZoom's flexible and user-friendly free software. Get creative by adding fonts of your choice, insert images and even creating your own business card’s layout all at your finger tips with just a few clicks. The best part is, you can create different styles of business cards depending on your own preferences!

We believe every single one of you are fun and unique so why should you let others design your business card? You know yourself the best. It is time to start customizing your business cards now and you are just clicks away only!

What Name Card Types Are Available?

We have 2 premade sizes for you to choose from:

7 x 7cm Trendy Square Name Cards:
These square name cards are easy in the pocket, modern and stylish to whomever you present your business card to. Square name cards are great at making you stand out from the crowd, it has a rather unique name card shape which oozes creativity, if you are a graphic designer or architect by profession, we would recommend you to opt for the square name cards. We guarantee that it will be a sure winner!

9 x 5.4cm Standard Rectangular Name Cards:
Perhaps the standard might work for you better. This rectangle shaped name cards make great professional name cards that bringsforth professionalis, discipline and integrity. If you are a in the professional line such as accountants, bankers, engineers and etcetera, then going for these name cards will be a green light from FotoZZoom.

We have 2 types of additional upgrade finishings for you to choose from:

Matt Laminated Name Cards:
Give your name cards a subtle and tactile effect that reflects quality and effectiveness. Matt laminated name cards make great companions for situations where your image and first impression could mean everything. On top of that, the additional layer of matt lamination on your name cards provides an added layer of tear and water resistance!

Glossy Laminated Name Cards:
Name cards are hard to miss when you add a layer of shine on top of your name cards that tell the other that you are clean, organised and effective.

How Do You Personalize?

It is real simple! That's the point! With StoryPad, you can use it to design all your photo products and business cards, send it to us and we print them on highest quality materials. Just get your logo and picture ready then let the designing begin!

Why Design My Own Business Card When I Can Get Designers To Do It?

Firstly, you can skip the hassle of telling your designer to make multiple amendments due to designs that did not reflect your image properly. Besides that, you can avoid the design cost when you do it yourself. All you need to pay is the printing cost. Last but not least, you will be satisfied with your business card design because after all you are the one who design it!