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At FotoZZoom, you can enjoy from the latest Digital SLR Cameras (DSLR) to the latest Digital Compact Cameras and we are all about treasuring your precious memories, ensuring that you always have a proper digital camera by your side to capture the precious moments in your life. After all, these precious memories taken with your favourite digital camera will surely one day make a fine memory photobook of your family and love ones and maybe even make an ideal home decoration idea with a canvas print for example, hung nicely on the walls of your home!

Stocks tend to be very limited for popular digital cameras such as the Nikon Coolpix range, Canon Powershot, Samsung NX, Fujifilm Finepix and Panasonic Lumix and once these stocks run out it can be rather difficult and troublesome to find another Authorised Reseller to buy from but not anymore when you Book Your Camera Now at FotoZZoom!

Introducing our latest Camera Booking payment system where you can enjoy your favourite digital cameras by Booking Now, and Pay Later! And the best part is, it is completely hassle FREE! No need to go through the worry of overspending your monthly budget, just top up whenever you want to! We will deliver it to you once you have completed the entire payment! On top of that, there is absolutely no interest or hidden charges, it is entirely just for you to be able to buy your favourite digital cameras without the worry of spending too much at one go! Just follow the 4 simple steps above and you can get your favourite digital camera booked. You can come back and top it up again whenever and wherever you are online!

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Terms & conditions:

  1. Deposit amount of 10% of the product value will be incurred as the Initial Booking Deposit of which the balancing amount can be topped up at the customer's convenience.
  2. For quality purposes, all reservations made will be guaranteed available for a period of 100 days only of which there after subjects to stock availability.
  3. Prices of products subject to market prices of which may vary over the duration of this payment method, should the variation in prices exceed the expected expenditure of the customer, the customer will decide whether to proceed with the purchase or request for a full deposit refund.
  4. If full payment is not topped up within 100 days, a successor model will be assigned for the customer. However, the prices may vary which the customer may decide whether to proceed further with the purchase or request for a full refund. In the unlikely event of unavailability of stock at any time after booking, an immediate full refund of deposits will be given to the customer.
  5. If the customer is no longer interested in the product, a full refund of deposit will be given to the customer with a written notice from the customer with respect to their order for processing. A service charge of RM 20 will be applied should the customer wishes to withdraw from the booking service.
  6. This payment method is not an instalment plan therefore no interest charges applicable. Customers using this payment method can top up their deposit payment at their convenience.
  7. In the unlikely event of FotoZZoom being unable to complete it's part of the obligation in this booking for whatsoever reasons as the case may be, our liability shall be limited to the full refund of all deposits paid by the customer.