A dry box is an enclosure that keeps the contents stored inside it free from moisture. The boxes are used when there is a need for any equipment—electronic or otherwise—free from atmospheric moisture. As for our customers, they use it for the sole purpose of storing photographic equipment such as high end DSLR cameras which may be used for their daily bread and butter. The settling of moisture can be very damaging to certain instruments especially to digital cameras and lenses, because they can spur fugal growth, shot out electronic components, and cause malfunctions. Dry boxes can range from relatively inexpensive to highly precise and complex machines, depending on their use.

When it comes to discussing about dry boxes, there are really only two brands that are within affordability range that bringsforth good value for money, namely Aipo and Eureka. There are of course other brands as well such as Digi Cabi, Ampro and Wonderful but they often can be above affordability range. Take Digi Cabi for example, their camera dry cabinets require you to spend at least RM 300 for a basic one whereas Aipo dry boxes can be as low as RM 155 which we highly recommend to photography enthusiasts since they ought to have lesser gears and do not really need to go to great extents of spending for a dry cabinet to be placed at home.

Aipo Vs Eureka

Aipo Vs Eureka

A Comparison of Aipo and Eureka Dry Boxes

Eureka dry boxes

Eureka is one of the best dry cabinet manufacturers in the market today and they are priced just marginally higher than the Aipo range of camera dry boxes. The company has numerous models, and almost every one of them is equipped with sieves that work automatically. The dry boxes can function without any power supply, eliminating the need to worry about power shut downs. This is perhaps one of the key points of Eureka that makes them different from Aipo dry boxes.


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Eureka Specifications

The Eureka range of dry boxes can be said to be the most ideal dry boxes out there for photographers who resides in humid places, never having the need to worry for moisture damage. They can reach full working capacity within a few hours and maintain a good 40% to 50% relative humidity. Here’s a point as well to be well noted for, Eureka is manufactured in Taiwan, perhaps one of the few countries that are known to manufacture great products and yields stringent quality control measures.

Aipo dry boxes

These are more high-tech and have cooling fans that remove moisture by condensing it from inside the cabinet and expelling it. Electrical boxes are very efficient and can almost immediately begin drying out the air inside. Aipo has a wide range of dry boxes in various sizes to serve a host of applications. Be well to expect from something as small as a personal private safe to something like a kitchen wardrobe.

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AIPO AP 155 EX Dry Box

If you live in a hot and humid or a cold and wet place, you will surely need a dry box to properly store your equipment in. Ensure, though, that you are not over crowding the storage space or stacking up lenses and cameras. To be on the safer side, always purchase a dry box that is slightly bigger than the one you will need. Extra space is always welcome, but with lesser space than required in your dry box, you might cramp your equipment and cause unintended damage. You may want to picture it like your home refrigerator. Stuff everything you just got from the grocery store into your refrigerator will just lead to your fresh goods to be poorly refrigerated. Now the one thing worth noting for the Aipo dry cabinets is that they really do make their dry boxes with immaculate finishings, their dry cabinets look more like elegantly designer designed cabinets than a box to store camera equipments.